Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Life Is Fine!

When the world welcomed me
a scruple mark seems on my chubby cheeks
from where I revealed here
why I dropped down in this world

The lady was in tears,
gentleman was smiling pleasant
They both got me in their arms
then I felt of blood relation of mom and dad

Everyone were beset me
I don't know them as I was just came
Fellows were there happy gazing me
I think I was the reason to make them smile

Then I got the shank to live life
Make everyone smile and bliss
a compact word I made to the world
smile was now my only sword

The wend of living life seems magical
the world was massive and peerless
every single moment was graceful and to deem
That's what the life is all about breathing

As I become a quantum of this world
I sneez to breathe, cry, see, and bliss
the world seems beautiful at heart
Nature has the power to gift a life

No matter from where I revealed
or why I dropped down in this world
my mom dad gave me a birth
the nature rewarded me a blithesome life