Saturday, April 18, 2015

P A S S I O N !

Cos no one else ever did for me
what my passion did in a stound

Cos no one else ever abide for me

what my passion was in a row beside me

Cos no one else gave me refuge to live

when I was thrown out of my sweet home

Cos no one else blessed me when I was outset from zero

what my passion was itself my blessings

Cos no one else loved me
when I was before bowed to others

Cos no one else kept a hand on my shoulder

when I was having abjure in my passion

Passion makes my soul wise

Yes! It makes me almighty and knight 

Passion rewarded me a deserving life

the outside world respects my passion

My passion respects my soul

and my soul deserves to be alive

Every being incised my failure

but no one else sight my passion

Some fellows are only for making our assurance loosen up

because the success doesn't knocks into their way

Passion makes my soul royal

my heart sinless and my mind aseptic

When I feel low

passion makes me bethink of a rising star

Heart glints and my work starts

Passion a beck and decent meditation

Cos no one else worked for me

what I only did for a passion itself night and day 

I am soothfast and free with my passion

what my passion deserves cult

Yes! My soul is working

and enjoying the fragrance of peace
To spark my passion, only my heart wants
Passion to come as  IMMORTAL.