Friday, December 19, 2014

Teenage Love Psychology: Introduction

Finally, time passed and started writing about, one of my all-time favorite label i.e. loves life. The teenage love psychology it is. There are the number of psychological experts related to the current subject, I am obviously not one of those luminaries. The Main aspect of writing this blog is to unveil my thoughts and share some of my views to the viewers and followers. I simply hate theoretical part, research from the internet and all that bloody damn stuff. This is a philosophy blog and more I like about philosophy is, it comes from the heart, it doesn't need any research but an experience.  This series is fully based on teen generation, here teen period mentioned is 14-19 years of age.

So guys, firstly let's start with the basic question, What love means to the teenager? Emmmmm....yeah!! is it a pass time? or it might be a show-off? rather a craze of being in a relationship, and there are some unique fellows, who live with an attitude like "If my friend is in a relationship, then why not me?". If you are among such fellows, then I must say that you have beaten a hatch on your own foot, Jokes apart!! But this attitude lives in every teenager and it's quite often. Elderly thinks, a 16-year-old teenage child, what knows about love. I must say that this thinking is obviously facing them in a wrong path. Love is such a feeling, that it comes only from the heart, it doesn't need any qualification, nor a standard nor a status. You might have gone through a famous quote on love is " In Love.. Age, Height, Weight are just a mere numbers". So lovely lines they are. According to my research, about three to four people who think love is just a fucking bullshit, it is not something. So, this series will discuss and share some point of views and those who think or critic love will definitely prove them wrong.

Following are the contents of the series of Teenage Love Psychology: 

1. Love At First Sight.

2. A Steps Towards Love Life.

3. Flirting And Dating.

4. Time To Propose My Love.

5. A Fresh New Relationship.

6. Doubts, Complications & Fights

7. Break Up It Is!

8. Memories Never Ends.
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