Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chp- 04: Time To Propose My Love

Every teenager went through such phase. Dying inside like a hell for sharing the feeling with a loved one. At some point, fear is hidden. We scared to share the feeling. And this fear is only because of the response. But this is also a lovely part of the relationship. And usually every time, only boy propose the girl. So I must take the side of boys here that, they really scares and after that enjoys this element too. Every teenager proposes with some unique ideas. 

So now the story is up to, Sankalp Dewal and Aisha Mehta are now best of friends, they are enjoying, sharing each and every moment of their friendship, supporting at good and bad times. Sankalp is dating and flirting Aisha, with some unique ideas, let us move the story ahead.

As I was recalling some incidence we had together and some future life with me, with my some love song series, I want to tell my love feeling to her, I want to tell everything what I feel when she is in front of me, when she gives her special innocent smile to me, and some our future plans. Taking a deep breath, I decided her to propose her. Without considering her response, I just want to share my feeling about her as early. I ring her, with my fingers crossed.
Hey Aisha! Are you having some free time? directly coming toward the point.
Emm!! Yeah..just came home from my Buaa's place.
Okay! so may I come at your place for the hangout? 
Always, you need to ask Sankalp? in a currish tone.
Okay! sorry, I will be there soon! I ended my call.

I was confident, hurriedly took a bath with beer shampoo, put up my deodorant, put up my ear plugs, I played only rock music for much more confidential attitude, and moved on to Aisha's place.

I reached her place. My attitude was running confident and a little bit shy too. I knocked at the door and there she was. With her open hairs, glossy red lips with a smile on her face, eyes constantly look at me and my spine of confidence was coming down slowly. I was nervous, scared for her response.
Is this a right time of expressing my feelings to her?  After sharing my feelings, will she throw me out of her house? and some bloody fucking sentiment.
Hey Sankalp! please come in, she permitted me to step in.
Yeah!. I was still running my voice low.
We were sitting in her room, passing the time in her personal computer and some boring stuff. But I was just physically present in our talks. My mind was still running in that sentiment. She offered me for a coffee.
Wait! I will have some coffee! she left the room.
I was bluffing my head constantly and amplifying myself for some confidence. I took a deep breath and the deep breath describes" I love her, and I want to tell her now only" I released a breath and Aisha enters in, with a cup of coffee in her hand. Now I want to tell her,

Hey Aisha! I was still running my sound low but was much better than the previous one.
Yeah, say naa! she was so normal, why can't me. 
Emmm!! the reason behind coming here is, I want to share everything with you.
Say naa! What happened? 
Aisha I want to share everything with you what I feel for you, and that's the reason for coming here. I cutted down the ribbon, now it was no chance to step backward.
Arey baba! Say naa, why are you so getting nervous? she was sustaining me to tell everything.
Here is my personal diary, I did not share this diary to anybody, you are the first. Please read your content only, and the other stuff I had told you. and I handed over the diary to her.
Ohh! Interesting, she started going through the diary.
We were in her balcony, with a cup of coffee in the hand. I was effortless to look at her. The only thought was coming in my empty mind was, to jump out of the balcony, but it also might give me some injury if possible, the height was not like to occur death. 

I was facing opposite to her. She calls me by my name. I turned around facing her, still I was not prepared for making the eye contact with her. I said to my spirit " Kaisa Mard Hai Be Tu." And that saying directly gone towards my ego, and immediately with a fraction of a second I made eye contact and one fake smile towards her.
So! How was it? with the fake smile and little bit low voice.
You are too stupid! slowly moving her fine neck. I didn't reply her, my mind was not catching what to speak.
So on that day, Upadhyay not refused you to attend the lecture, but you were out because I refused from the lecture? So stupid are you yar, Reeeaaaaallllyyy!!. 
Ohh!! Yeah! again that same feeling.
She said me to get in the room. Sitting on the chair, and she too was settled next to me. I spoke up.
So Aisha! The only thing is, I just want to share my feelings with you, I was dying like a hell. 
Placing her plate "You know Sankalp, you are really dumbo, stupid, mad fellow I ever saw" A perfect smile on her face, this smile was unseen, ever, maybe I was the first, as her eyes are expressive, today the smile is also expressing what she want to tell. And seeing my angel's smile, my face was glowing gently. I was forgetting my nervousness and like a hell feeling.
"I agree with your feeling, I was too confused with you and you helped me out of this confusion"
Means? I won't get what you want to say?
Even! My heart too beats for you! in a shy tone and smile on her face.
Oh god! What can I do? I want a big laughter, want to cry, want to dance, want to sing, and want to love, our ending love. 
Now our friend relation promoted to love relationship. Now we were a couple. She was my angel, my love, my life, Oh yes! she was my girlfriend. As we had some couple talks, it was already late, I decided to leave for home. A moment before leaving, we both had a tight hug, it feels the real fairy tale. Countless peace, love, and we.