Friday, January 2, 2015

Chp-05: A Fresh New Relationship!

Relationship! In dictionary said, "strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person." But in my opinion a single word which describes the relationship is "Dependency". Couples are dependent on every single aspect of life, from the time of wake up till difficult times.Nowadays, couples want to tell for washroom also, otherwise a huge quarrel starts in. But in love, it has been the most innocent and romantic feeling in love life, in this, something cuteness, care, and love is hidden. Every single teenager enjoys such fragrance of love. So friends, here's a current topic i.e. A Fresh New Relationship, you may have stuck in doubt on the blog topic? What does it mean? A Fresh New Relationship? I decided the blog title because, as I knew, from my friends and viewers that, the starting period of relationship is just awesome one, it has a touch of cuteness, we feel amazing, that naughty talks, caring life, little funny quarrels, convincing each other, inspiring and getting normal in a low period.

So friends let us move the story ahead. Finally, Sankalp Dewal got his love. Even Aisha too loves Sankalp with the bottom of her heart.

Phone rings, My phone was beside my pillow. I was in a dream of our world. Our love life and many other romantic scenarios. Constantly my cell phone was vibrating.  It was 6:35 early morning.

Fuck off yr! Who’s gonna be there? In a rude sleepy voice. It was Aisha. Oops ! Sorry, Aisha. 
Hey, baby! How’s you? I was still sleepy, and getting my hairs set, not for Aisha, my hairs were coming irritating my eyes.
I am fine! Meet me up at 11 am at my place, from today I will be going with you in college. Ordered me innocently.
But why? You have your vehicle know, you can come with it. Your home is far away from my place.
Oh!! Far many kilometres by the way? In a sarcastic manner, and the sad part was still I don’t know she is asking me innocently or in a sarcastic way.
Emmm! Approx 12 km from my place, and from college its 8 km. I normally answered her.
Ok! Don’t come. I will be in the college on my vehicle. And no need to come at my place too. Its twelve, TWELVE  km from your place and that bullshit eight, EIGHT km from our college..Okay? her voice was little hard this time. I bluff my head.
Arey! That’s not like that Aisha. I will be there. I will be there at 10 at your place. After some romantic chit chats, I convinced her, and without any arguments I took her order, as I was in a relationship with Aisha.

I get ready for the college and moved on to Aisha's place. Outside gate, I called her and she was yet to come. I was constantly calling her from last 10 mins, her mom too was coming to every 2  mins and asking to come inside, she is yet to ready. And finally she came. With getting her pony, her innocent smile for me, and feeling sorry for the late. As I hate wearing watches, I took out my phone and showed her a time for her late. As she comes near me, the phone screen switched off and she uttered.

What are you showing me? Oh yeah! Your empty dumb mind. And she laughs.
I was acting like anger, she sat behind me, kept her two hands on my shoulder and we moved on.
What’s this yr Aisha! I was stupid waiting for you from last 10 minutes. Why are you so late every time. I came from 12 km, yes! TWELVE km, and you are still not ready, am I dumb to wait for you every day since I got you from college. I was in little bit anger and my last sentence also threw her anger far away. She hugged me tightly from back, hold my hand and kissed me up on my cheeks.
After some fun and singing the songs, we reached college. Everyone abused us as fun, as we didn’t tell anyone about our relationship.

Every day we used to come together in college, eat together, enjoyment and fun together.  The whole night we had late night chats, phone calls and skype. We both were in the cloud of love, only me and Aisha.

For me, the morning was just Aisha's voice and her lovely talks with my sleepy voice, forcing me to awake. And the whole day was drowning in love. Some funny little quarrels, big quarrels too and then realizing the mistake and feeling sorry, some hot, cute captures, dancing together on old songs, and many more.

Each and every day was new to me, 80% of lifestyle was just Aisha, Aisha and Aisha. We both were living with a feel of husband and wife. We used to celebrate each month of our relationship. The love was in the air. Daily quarrels which last for 2-3 days, loving period, and me and Aisha.