Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nautre: Path of Destiny

Dark clouds fluff over the blue
I see my vision clear
Even if the ideal was afield from me 
Smile on my face glows

I just want to go high and fly 
to make my sweven true
take out my effort wings
it's time to derive my wish

Flying over the sky
with my dreamy wings
blockage befall my destiny 
it's hard to flew through the wings

Tried, tried and I won't give up
it wasn't easy, but was not impossible
sailing in the boat of hard work
moon sight vision was unclouded

All my feelings turned exciting mode
The destination wasn't far away 
My wish came true after worshiping God
hard work overwhelmed with success

As success falls down my destiny
huge sparkle of joy nature gifted me
The things I learned and experienced 
never been grab without nature.