Friday, March 6, 2015

Mermaid I sight !

Would my past stand till last
when I wasn't strong enough
to hold my head high
tears were in my sight

Life was filing 

I was sailing in a boat of hell
That's what I deserve well
rambling was flinty

Mermaid come my appearance
bonny eyes, glazed lips
her smile delighted me
all my worries turned into my happiness

She smoothly hold my hand

I was with her in another world
deep inside the sea, around the treasury
The beautiful place I ever seen

She knockdown me with the silence

the beautiful nature, hope for the future
she alms me a peaceful life
again with a new gleam she rise me alive

I feel fresh here

minus to worries and death rattle
mermaid gave what I deserve 
at last I fell in love with me and mermaid

Every being want's such mermaid

which is the ray of support to loosen up the past
Don't afraid if you are sail in the boat of hell
you will definitely get a mermaid at last.