Saturday, March 7, 2015

Passion It!

Passion, what does it mean? Passion is all about peace and happiness. Without caring about the output, whether we fail or success come to our path. On the other side, if we start working on our passion, the success comes our feet every now and then. Passion is simply the happiness which can't be express, passion is just a peace which it feels deep inside the heart, and we get the positive output. Passion is really the survival of the life. Passion has the power to live the life peacefully. Not only passion find the person's creativity, but it generate too. Passion get's you in a creative world, I think even more beautiful than hell and heaven. When we come to this beautiful and creative world, be a part of such a lovely creation. Every person has come up with loads of potential. As said, we all here are the children of god. God has the power, strength, potential, magic to live a life, to win the world, and to feel everyone's heart. As we are the children of god, everyone has the potential to change the world and win everyone's heart grabbing the success. The only important aspect to living a happy life is to live the passion. 

Living the life is not just only the suffering job, coming home with frustrated mind and tired body. Then it fails to give the family time. At last after the two-three years of the span, every employee starts thinking and waiting for the retirement. Thus, life ends up with abusing the boss and the work at the back. Even if the employee has fully air-conditioned glass wall cabins, bonuses, promotions, suited booted get up. and some facilities. The frustration and the workload get too high that some fellows suicide because of the job and their suffering work. The people here are attracted to the outside world. 

The real world, real happiness, real success is deep inside our heart. If we come out of the outside world and get into the world of us, you will find out the precious treasury deep inside the heart. Living without the passion is none other than a worthless life. Life without passion is a slow way to freeze the death. Passion is the key of success,  if you unlock your heart with the key, the suffering life will change to your worthy life.  If you can't figure out your passion, your passion will lead you right into your purpose. There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passion in a way that serves the world and you. 

If you are in search of a peaceful and happy life, just identify your passion and get into it. You just identify what you love, follow your heart, follow your passion. Passion will generate your creativity, develop your work. It doesn't make any sense to sleep if you have a real passion. Always go with your passion, never ask yourself if it is realistic or not. 

I won't give the examples and take any names of the legendary that he did this, he is a cricketer and all. But it doesn't make sense in the passion. The most important life to be happy and a successful being is to never to compare us with someone, and it doesn't make sense in passion too. Passion is such an aspect of life, that flows like a flood, and we get lost in the air, and wish never to get out of this. So follow your heart, follow your passion, and grab the dream, be passionate, the passion it!