Saturday, March 14, 2015

Being Yours!

Brightening moon in the dark night
being yours, heart flashes a lovely spotlight
The heart seems only you and me 
I never seen a world beautiful as you

Sun was drowning in the ocean 
you were ingressing my heart in a slow motion
Your get up was something better than miraculous 
my love journey seem more than spectacular

                                  Innocent look of yours seems dainty 
as kingfisher has it's colourful wings
Your plats were playing with your beady eyes
your magical eyes simply drown in my heart

Your smile awakes my heart
your voice sleeps my sole
Peaceful moment I feel
I alms you my heart in a living mode

After some span of years, I saw my love
I feel my love, I hugged my love
Fallen for you, most precious feeling for me
It's all about just you+ me+= we

Life is only just fall in love with you
plunge in your beauty, better than heaven
Fall for you every day, every moment
this is a happy loving life god blessed me.