Sunday, March 1, 2015

Violence In The Society

This blog is all about the increasing violence in the society. As we perceive in media, newspapers, the newspaper is full of murders, half-murders, rapes, molestation and many more. This blog is to open the closed eyes of the citizen. Where our humanity is phasing? We live in a society were, our humans are being killed by our people. It is too abashed to the nation. Violence in family, friends, business partners etc. Nowadays,  murder is just an often in the society. Anywhere, anytime it has been murdered, robbed and raped. Due to this, every citizen is living with misgive, they scare to move outside after 9 PM, to talk with the strangers, especially the ladies. Now the time has come to throw away the fear and tutor the voice against violence in the society.

According to my research over 3,256 people, had been murdered and 5,896 had been half murdered. Now let me share the rape counting, approx 1,250. The overall average percentage is 2.5%. These figures are of a month. Very few of the victims are arrested and half of them cases are not yet filed. What is going in our nation? A shameful happening in today's society. The figures say everything. Can we point out to the police department? or Judiciary? Here the fault is all of Humanity. The cruelty, brutality and callousness with which this revolting act was committed highlighted the criminals belief that they won't be convicted, that they would escape, easily.

Let us discuss, why such virus of violence is destroying the humanity. Physical, mental, social, economic etc. It may range from superficial bruises to outright destruction. Today violence on the increase. Children naturally learn from their home, than movies, video games and many other sources. So why the violence is highly increased? As per the human mentality, everyone blemish to the entertainment, violent movies etc, but the entertainment is just to entertain, it doesn't affect the human mind. I think the root of violence in the society is, the rise of materialism, erosion of general mortality and norms of society, breakdown of institutions, political shortsightedness, religious fundamentalism, communalism, caste, terrorism, scientific and technological advancement etc. 

Where the humanity is phasing the nation. Every individual has to respect the humanity, care the humanity, love the humanity and the help to the humanity. People who always crib that they do not have sufficient facilities available despite having everything can never provide humanitarian service because if one has the mindset of not being self-sufficient, how can he or she help someone else. One is always remembered for his or her good deeds and it is essential to understand that there is no better deed than providing services for humanitarian causes. Humanity is every citizen holding the hands and come together to stand against the violence and the victims, it may decrement the violence in the society.

We really need to understand something, we may criticize our system and find many faults in it, but to a great extent is the system is formed our mindset. We really need to understand the happening and bare close the eyes. The increase in the violence in society is rapid. Domestic violence, murder, half murder and many more. The victims are not only the men's as well as women's too. It simply not about men and women, but it's hard to see that today our humanity is falling every now and then.

Insecurity of life and uncertain future of individuals, society and nation lose their strength, peace of mind and joy of life, love and harmony between any two individuals replaced by suspicion and hatred i.e. social relations imperiled.