Saturday, February 28, 2015

Passion Defines Art !

A curly hair boy
dream to become an artist
coming a lakeside early morning
sits under the tree, birds and the sky

taking the mirror plates with him

fix the mirror in three angles
visible the face, where he seems
feels the magnificence of nature

Birds were flying high in the blue
buzzing songs, diving in the air
trees, flowers, leaves were waving mere
boy was conquesting his shots in reflector

After few minutes, he transmute his feeling

he started recollecting the past
he deeply stifle and a slight tear fell down his eye
he captures his sight in the mirror

He starts crying

gets fully depressed and lost
no other way to get out of this
as he was totally obsessed with the past

He capture his sight in every angle

while crying too he get his view
seeing around the beauty of nature
he ruined his fragment past

he returns home

he lock himself in the room
after a week early morning he again visit the same place
with a work he had completed

He is a painter

from last one week picturing the creativity
the uniqueness was glamouring in the mind
and it was his creation

As he was obsessed with the past

he was in love with his passion
even if the past was stifling from last
his potential was charming the happiness