Friday, February 20, 2015

Love Arise!

This was the day, where we were having a juice
juice was just a reason; to meet and blow our heart fuse
I allowed her to order of her choice
I think, here I made my impression some while

I want to share my feelings for you

in different way I have to impress my love for you
I was completely scared of her reaction
she will hit my nose in action

As I was seeing deep inside her eyes
I hold her hand, and made my love more wise
I found a fadeless love in her tempting eyes
holding her hand made my trust blind

She made our holding hands more tight

it was just a feeling of a fairy tale in a sunny sight
now my heart beaten fast and vast
I promised within her, folded hands would never get apart

She gave me an innocent smile

I gave her a gentle smile like a lime..sorry I have such smile
her phone rang..and I get distract from the link
again I was afraid to tell her, my eyes were getting blink

Again she hold my hands this time newly tight

Our together hands enters my innocent heart
I never had such adorable being in true love feel ever
then within me voice like eco utters Our Love Meant Forever

I was starting drowning into her eyes plunge in mascara

aliphatic lips were magically smiling
Within me, the words came out my heart for my angel
That I will in love with you even if my soul gets apart

She started blushing as she heard my words

she want to express everything and she respect my love
I kissed her smoothy wrist seeing deep inside her eyes
she too fell in love with me, as her love for me was crisp

My night is sleepless without in a view of your snaps

From this day I have my life, goals, Success to you
This loving never ever forgetting day, the god gifted my wife as you
To the whole world I want to scream telling them

This incidence, such happening was a year back

from that day our love for each other never been lack

Today I am surprising her as our love was arise

Will come next year again to tell our lovely trice.