Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Waiting For You!

The hard you feel
The soft I am
Without your lack of love
Somewhere far lost I am

The smile of yours

Always make my smile glows
I cries when
The memories sight candid flows

Holding your hands
Always feel the care of love
folded hands tight with yarns
feels the happiness, smile on a face

When I sketch your name on a sleazy skeet

optics print as a capture
When a salty water flows and vanish your name
I try to stop the water, don't wish to disappear my sight 

Past is conferring the mourning

hoping for her to come
I sit in the morning 
screechy looking to the rising sun

Why you are not with me

the world seems solitary 
heart beats are too full of sorrowful
calling you,our love badly needs you