Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nature Inspires Success

Drowning sky and the drowning world
At the point of failure arise the rising sun
Gauntleaves fell down the tree
The way of success grab down free.

Birds flew high over the blue

take the efforts to build the nest
Perform such, the success may blew
never give up, till we earn a golden crest

Tiger takes two step behind
chasing the life of goal
Be fearless of failure and don't let go hind
without stepping back, even tiger can't hunt

Butterfly lives fourteen days of life

love your goals, love your passion
Get the fragrance of hard work and efforts
respect the god's gift you got and have the butter with smart action

Failure often knocks the door

some criticise, we get taunts
Accept the failure and motivate yourself
atlast losers inspire the winners

Rise the day in your dream

where you strengthen the goal
After the hunt
lion roars of success, and make others whist.