Monday, March 2, 2015

Muffy : Poetry Speaks

Hey Muffy where have you been
frisking you in the dwelling
Behind the doors, down the furniture
My Stuart little brother, where have you been

Your clothes are still safely kept

Your box of a biscuits is still there
When I see your every needful thing 
Hey Muffy where have you been

I want to share my feelings to you
As I used to share it with you
When I was depressed & loosen up the hope
Hey Muffy where have you been

When I was sitting depressed besides you

You always encouraged by your beauty
supporting me being on my shoulders
Hey Muffy where have you been

When I thought of a photography 

You always used to become a model for me
Unique posses on a distinct locations
Hey my beauty model, where have you been

I won't allow you to tell anyone our talks

And you never hurt our promise
You didn't unfold the secrets of mine
Hey Muffy where have you been

You understand the real meaning of promise

Which the human being doesn't had
You were my only support and always be
Hey my friend where have you been

When I welcomed you in the house

You were babied and scared 
As I kept my hand on your forehead
You feel my love, and had faith on me

You only seem my love for passion

As I used to work hard day and night
You used to awake till late night with me
Hey my brother where have you been

I am on my way to chase the dream

Success is not far away from me
I wish to give the happiness of my efforts
But you are missed, hey Muffy where have you been

Now when I return back to home

I search for you, but you never seem
Dying to touch your forehead
hey Muffy where have you been

Still I talk with you beholding the photo shoot we had

I share my every feeling with you
Your beauty will always be my support 
Hey my lucky charm you are always with me.