Friday, January 23, 2015

Fight Against Superstitions!

A new try of writing the philosophy blog on GOD. Much to express, and on the other side, getting hard to pen down the views and ideas related to God. First of all, please forgive or you can also discuss the points that you won't digest from the related blog subject. 

Superstitions are a commonly witnessed phenomenon. They can be seen anywhere, anytime, whether at home, in office  or on the way. People of every caste, creed or community are superstitious. Though the forms of superstition may vary, their presence can be felt in every society. It is a universal phenomenon. Even the people of highly rational West are superstitious. It is an integral part of human society.

Superstitions have come down to us from ancient times. Primitive people were ignorant about the wonders of science. They were at the mercy of natural elements. They did not understand the causes of physical changes taking place around them. They respected and worshipped the force of nature like the sun, the moon, fire, wind, water, storms, etc. They believed that diseases were caused by the wrath of gods as well as evil spirit. They tried to satisfy the gods with offerings, prayers, sacrifices, etc. They tried to ward off evil spirits by offering sacrifices. Sacrifices of birds and animals to please the gods and goddesses and to atone for one's sins in a common practise. Thus, it is fear which gave rise to superstition.

To stop all of a sudden to see a cat crossing our path is a widely seen phenomenon in Indian society. It is almost universally believed that this is likely to bring failure to the mission of the person who is going to cross the road after it first being crossed by the cat. Similarly, the howl of the dog at the deadly hours of night instills a feeling of horror resulting from the fear of the death of some near and dear one. The third very frequently practiced superstition is that when someone sneezes at the departure time of a person, it is believed that he is going to flop in his mission. Such practise which do not have rational ground and are termed as superstitions.

Often the superstitions are very frightful and cruel in nature, particularly those related to human beings. In Indian society, widows's plight is no secret. She is treated as an object to be hurt and humiliated catching sight of widow while on the way to somewhere is considered unlucky. Her presence is disliked on some auspicious occasions like marriage.

In India, a bride often has to pay a heavy price if immediately after her marriage the death of her husband or any other member of her husband's family occurs. She is subjected to torture, taunts and tribulations for the whole of her life. These superstitions practise undoubtedly bring about negative impact on the progress and development of society as well as individual.

The world today is governed by science, Science has made life easy and man has advanced a lot. Superstitions have no applications in today's life. So we, should not follow the superstitions that were passed on to us by our ancestors. We should follow only the ones which have scientific and logical basis. A person believing in superstitions is always haunted by unknown fears and anxieties. He lose self-confidence. Educations is one factor that can wipe out superstitions to some extent. A scientific outlook and temper should be cultivated to do away with superstition.