Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chp- 06: Doubts, Complications, Fights

Doubts, Complications, Fights it is. Here is the turning point of the happy relationship to difficulties, complications and sad relationship. Every teenage couple gets down to this. After spending some period of the relationship, quarrels, less attention, such often things occur in relationships. They simply get bored of daily quarrels and every aspect of the relationship, it gets down to every nerve of the brain and irritates every single moment of relationship and last the huge storm of the fight occurs. This attitude is often in every teenage couple.

The story is up to, Sankalp Dewal and Aisha Mehta are enjoying their togetherness, care, and love life. But their relationship is now coming up with fights and complications at such extent.

It was a year to complete. Our first anniversary, I decided to celebrate it as a lovely day as no one can celebrated ever. I want to give a surprise to Aisha. I planned the whole day, many surprises, gifts, my poetry, and just me and Aisha. I want to live our past memories again, Love, at first sight, flirting, dating, propose a time and many more. Let's forget all our fights and fly over the sky in the world of you and me.

It was 12 at night. I was ready to call her and wish her first. Unfortunately, Aisha rings me up.

Hey, Baby! Happy First Marriage Anniversary Dumbo! Love you infinity, and she kisses me up through the phone.
Same to you as well Pissy Missy! Love you too infinity my angel! and the word directly uttered from my heart was "Thank you for being with me" and after a few seconds, she was in tears, hearing her low voice, I too came up with tears. I kept my hand with mouth closed, although hiding my activities she came to know. After our tear ceremony, we had late night talks, and the call ended at 5:30 early morning.

Aisha woke me up at 9:00. We had our romantic talk around half an hour on the bed with a warm blanket. Sleepy talk and she were forcing me to wake up with her innocent touch of voice. I woke up and got ready for the surprise for Aisha. Bouquet, Gifts, Cakes and much more poetry's for her. I went her place, and she was just surprised to see me. We celebrated our first anniversary at her place. At a very first page of our love story... and my poetry begins, our all togetherness captures, naughty, funny, cute, loving moments and it was really impressive. Aisha's head on my chest and tightly holding hands, her eyesight towards me and I were just smoothly reciting the poems. #perfectsmile #perfectday #perfectcouple and only Aisha and me. Even if we had quarrels and fights between us, we simply love each other. That's all we mean it.

Next day, I was just going through my Facebook profile on my cell phone. I came up with a likes of my school mate on Aisha's each and every post. Her snaps, status, and places she visited. I immediately WhatsApp my school mate named Varun. In school, our gang of 7-8 boys was too famous. We were classmates too. I whats app him!

Hey, Bhai! How would you know Asha Mehta?? I was waiting for her reply.
Bhai! I saw her in my examination centre and so then we became friends on facebook. But how would you know her??
We were in same class and she is my good friend. My behaviour was running normally. Aisha had many pending requests, chat messages and many followers, and she won't respond them.
She is my classmate, we both are good friends. I took it lightly and just switched off my WhatsApp. I was in a bed, passing time and playing with my pillow, I had a doubt. What doubt? Which doubt? was just going up from my empty head. But I was feeling within, that something is wrong. I again took up my phone and WhatsApp Varun.
Hey, dude! from which period you are friends? I was biting my nails when I feel tensed I often bite my nails and lost somewhere else.
Emmm!! around two months, why? He was still normal.
No! Aisha never told about you so that's why! I was shocked and worried too. My heart was now started beating up fast.
We had a meet two- three times,  but she never told about you! after few minutes of paused I replied Varun.
Ohh! Yeah! she might have forgotten! Okay, bro! Have some work talk to you later! As I was typing the text my thumb fingers were constantly shaking, the empty head was totally retarded, I was scared, frightened and afraid of the situation. But the only thought and picturization was visible to me was, Aisha will never do such with me. She loves me a lot.. a lot.. a lot. Every nerve of my brain fell dull. I checked her facebook account. Gone through the chat of Varun and Aaisha, it seems something wrong, some chat was removed. Immediately Aisha rings me up. I was not in a state to talk with my love. I didn't receive her call and started crying with a pillow on my face. The heart was beating faster. Everything related Aisha was started visibly towards my closed wet eyes.

After some hours, when I stood normally steady, I want to hear Aisha's voice. I don't want to share this, with her now but just want to hear her innocent voice. Whenever, I feel low and stuck in some difficulties, first I remember was Aisha's voice for getting out off the situation. I ring her up! Hide all my feelings, tears and low voice.

Hey dumbo! Where were you? you didn't receive my call? And after that your phone seems switched off! I think she was tensed and I was completely in a silence mode.
Sorry, Aisha! The battery was nil, in a low and depressed touch of voice and with some seconds of pause, Mom is calling, talk to you later! I ignored and ran away from the situation. Tears were not ready to halt and every moment I was irritating, negative thoughts were trafficking in my empty mind, scared and afraid of loosing her. I didn't share this stuff with her, not even was the pursuit of telling, I ignored her that day. I was completely broken that bloody day and decided to share this stuff with her next day.

Next morning, I was lying flat on the bed, Aisha rings me up, as I see our dialer snap, at the same moment a slight tear comes down my eyes. I received her call. Little bit scared to talk with her and her innocent voice was just something magical.

Hey Dumbo! How are you feeling now? I lied her of not well to ignore and stay away from this stuff.
I am fine! Much better now. Again lying, I just want to hug her now.
Hey Aisha! I will be coming at your place today afternoon, is that ok? again a slight tear comes down my eyes.
Yeah! come soon baby! Missing you, normally and the call hang up.

When I leave for Aisha's place, I was confused to go or not. I was confused to tell her or not. Tears were unstoppable. It was really a hard time for me and in few minutes for us too. I reached her place. Set up my look and rang the door bell. We were in the bedroom, she hugged me tight, and after that I was in tears. Seeing me, she asked me and after that, she too was in tears. My lips were shaking telling the stuff, the tongue got heavy and I shared the full yesterday's story with her. And after sometime she accepted her mistake. Varun was just his friend, but unfortunately she deleted her facebook chats and even covered from me. The situation was too hard, from where the situation we would chase it was much more difficult than anything. My love was in tears, she was holding me even tightly and her wet eyes were seeing inside my eyes searching me constantly, as I was lost. After some time, I came back to my home with tears and thinking of Aisha all the way.

So friends, this attitude is often in every teenage couple. Due to daily quarrels, fights on some diminutive reasons, it feels irritating, dejection and ill mannered too. Every teenage couple needs a break for days or months, it rises up the relationship, bring freshness in the relationship.