Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chp-08: Memories Never Dies

Love, Relationship, Break-up
After break up..still remains
The unending never dying memories.

A year I fell in love with you

A year we were in relationship
A year we had break up too
Why can't these memories stays a year.

The time we spend together,

promises we made forever
Will always be there with you and me
In the bunch of great memories

Our naughty talks, little quarrel
And then cute facing behind me
Not answering not looking out me
Still you are smiling cute behind my back .

As these memories are hurting me

Pain is rolling is my heart, every nerve of my body part
Each and Every time, every moment 
Every aspect of my life, I am dying 
Drowning even burning like hell.

These memories is the gift from you

because of these memories I am alive
You will always be my caring darling
This isn't a only gift but the reason of being alive.

You will be always in my heart

and I am too will be always in your heart
Even if now we are not together
But our heart will always be filled with each other.