Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Selfie Story!

In front of the mirror doing the hair
Shading the eyelashes, filling the lips
with strawberry lip gloss.

Grab the phone, switch on the selfie mode
Again doing the hair infront of the camera
Suddenly came to know, 
lip gloss is highlighting 
Looking for the lights for face much 

Ready for the click, yes this is the shot
set it all up for the perfect shot
The phone is in the hand started to shake
taking the deep breath, this is all I can take

The selfie is photogenic
Picture is perfect..all I want to do is
share the selfie with my unique boyfriend

Waiting for his reply, waiting for the compliments
I like this selfie, but started raillery
But the selfie looks perfect as my girlfriend too is
This is the selfie story full of success.

As you are my cutest queen ever
Here I give you the title of selfie queen
Doesn;t matter if you have a 
full of load or tension free
Your phone camera has always in a mode of selfie