Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chp- 03: Flirting & Dating

Welcome back for the next aspect of Teenage Love Psychology i.e. Flirting and Dating. The most joyful aspect in love life, or it can also be said in the sense, the most auspicious and memorable period all through the relationship and quite interesting too. Everyone loves to flirt and date, in the movies said,"It's good for health" so true. In one simple word flirting defines impression, even its a perfect saying that" The first impression is the last impression". Every teenager tries various different ways of flirting and dating. By coffee in a cafe, giving gifts, spending time in a romantic scenario, taking care of and many more unique ideas.

So friends! Let's move the story ahead, the story is up to, Sankalp Dewal and Aisha Mehta are now good friends, they have exchanged their numbers too, here we start the flirting and dating scenario.

As I was in a sweet dream of Aisha, phone rings, its Raghav my classmate.
Hey Sankalp! Raghav on another side.
Yeah! Bro..Watsup. In a lazy tone as I have been yet to wake up.
Listen! Have some work for you, Today its Aisha’s birthday.
What? excited and wide a smile on my face.
But Aisha never told anyone about her birthday, so how would you know? I questioned him in an investigate manner.
As Aisha never tell anyone about her birthday, and she had not even updated it on facebook.
That’s not bloody important. Your work is to bring the cake for her, we will all gonna celebrate her birthday in the college.
Yeah sure bro…definitly, in excitement.
I threw up my blanket, wake up from the bed and started getting ready for the celebration. I get the chocolate cake from the bakery and moved on to the college. As always late comer Aisha, comes and I was late for on this special day. The class was yet to start, I entered the class carrying the cake, our friends stood up and started singing the birthday song. Raghav cracked the birthday bomb and Aisha was shocked seeing the scenario. Her smile shocked eyes and hand on her cheeks. As always Aisha's sight was expressing what she was feeling. I wrapped out the cake and putted up in front of her desk. She gave me an innocent smile, and with some shy and low voice, I wished her the birthday.

That day I attended the whole college, Everyone was surprised and some professors were new to me, and I too was new to them. At the end of the college, we all were coming downstairs in the parking area, I wished her again, she thanked me with her special smile.

As I was recalling the fun we had today, my empty mind had an idea to write a lovely poem for her as a birthday gift. Constantly, Aisha was visible to me. Her all time amazing Cinderella get up. It was 11:30 PM, I decided to ring her. Putting a stone on my innocent heart, I called her, she was sleeping.
Hey Aisha! hesitating and the little bit scared voice. I was completely running my voice low.
Hello, Sankalp! Watsup! in lazy and sleepy voice.
Oh! Are you in bed? I bluff my empty head.
Mmmmm!! Yeah! What happened? again lazily.
Oh! I am so sorry girl.. sorry to disturbed you.. Gud Night!! Constantly bluffing head with my eyes closed.
No, Sankalp! It's fine, no more formalities. In an innocent touch of voice. 
Er!! I just want to tell you something. Little bit scared and hesitated too and a try of impressing her.
I just want to wish you again Aisha, Now it's 11:50PM , just 10 minutes left to end the special day, as I was failed to wish you first for the birthday, Now I want to wish you the last, this wish will be definitely work till your next birthday. Again taking a deep breath and fingers crossed as I was afraid of her reply, So Many Happy Returns of the Day Aisha, God will keep you happy all through life. and I paused. 
Reply was yet to come, few seconds of silence, she replied, OMG! Sankalp, Thank you so much..Its really sweet of you! and our call extended till early morning, I think it was 3:30 am. 

Three hours, I will not forget these hours all through my life. In these three hours, her talks were new to me, her voice was new to me. We both shared everything with each other. Exchanged our thoughts, shared our happy life, sad life, weakness, difficulties, fun talks, and had some weird talks too. I flirt with her as a ball was on my court. And the patent Bollywood dialogue "Jo Mauka Chode Wo Mard Kesa! I tried my level best to impress her. But, what I was talking, sharing with her, was only from my innocent heart. I presented my heart in front of her. And that only girls like it. 

Every day, I was excited about the college. Today I want to give my special Gift to Aisha. I hope she would like it. I properly wrapped my poetry, including two chocolates. She was yet to come. Bell rings, and we all settle down for the lecture. I was wondering outside, waiting for Aisha to come. As we last benchers were playing pen fight, Aisha enters, she permits professor to come in, and as she was 25 minutes late for the lecture, professor refuses her to come in and wait outside till the lecture ends. Bloody fucker the professor!! She went downstairs, as my empty mind flashes up with an  idea, this is the prefect time to give her the gift. I asked the professor for the washroom. I went out with my gift in a pocket. I was wondering her, from the back side, Aisha calls by my name, with her innocent and questioned manner.
Sankalp? she says
Oh! Hi..replies her giving a smile.
What are you doing here, you are not attending the lecture? again in a questionable manner with some hand gestures.
"No! I think, mmmm!! I was late and the professor refused me to get in". I was lying her.
Oh! Same here, bloody cheapo Upadhyay. crooked her neck.
Hey, Aisha!, Lets cut this crap here only, I have one surprise for you. I gently take out the gift from my pocket, looking in Aisha eyes and a fake smile.
This is it, Wish you Again belated happy birthday Aisha. I was staring her constantly in her eyes and this time my smile was real, directly from my innocent heart.
"OMG! Sankalp, Thank you so much, Sankalp It's really sweet of you". with a cute smile that directly enters into my heart. 
"By the way, What is this?" she was trying to see what is written inside the rolled paper.
Nothing! will you please wrap out after going home? with a shy touch of voice.
And she wrapped out in front of me, raillery smile towards me. My only wish was to run away from her, a vast hesitation, shyness. She was going through the poem and slowly her smile was glowing. up on her face. 
"It's really sweet of you Sankalp! I mean it's amazing," as always her eyes were expressing what she want to express for me.
She offered me for her birthday treat in an ice cream parlour in front of our college. Yes I did some formalities of no no, it's ok, our another lecture will start any moment and blaa blaa, but on the other side I really want to go with her, spend as much time with her to know each other and it was real life fun with her.

There we had a general talk, about my poetry and all that writing stuff. We had some gossips about college staff, our likes dislikes and came back for the other lectures.
                                                                                                                                   to be continued...