Monday, December 22, 2014

Chp- 02: A Step Towards Love Life

So friends! let us continue the story ahead. The story is up, the boy named Sankalp Dewal is in love at first sight! with a girl named Aisha Mehta. He wants to get her with him forever.
                   As I was excited for college tomorrow, I reached early in case of over-excitement and the class was passing the time in a corridor. I was wondering her all around, she was yet to come. All time late comer! :P I was waiting for her to come, staring the college from the first floor. She reached and parked her vehicle, putted out her Handcuff, kept her stole in her bag. Just setting up her little bit messy pony in the mirror. The guy from our class came beside her vehicle and they both were coming towards class while interacting. Her friends, who were beside me, called her and was gossiping about that bloody handsome guy and my cute little angel. One thing I knew is, Aisha had a crush on that bloody handsome guy. Bell rang, and we all settled for the class.

Just seated behind next to her row diagonally, I was staring at her, her all time get up with kajal and her glossy lips and a pony, red nail paint and was rotating her pen, her all time mischief with herself. And I wasn't in a mood, I left college in recess. I was hurt and was lost too. Yesterday I fell in love with her and today I knew she had a crush with that bloody cheap boy. Fuck you boy! In the same evening, I was just surfing my facebook account, I searched her profile, Aisha Mehta, this is it, my Aisha!! I gone through her profile, smile was glowing magically on my face. Thinking of sending her friend request, lots of worries and questions were running out of my empty mind. Relatives think that I am an empty minded guy. I was too nervous to send her a friend request, what would she think about me? If she does not say anything to me tomorrow in college? and some unending disgusting stuff. Putting a stone on my innocent heart, I send her a request, my feeling was, what to do? It was really hard to sleep that night and was nervous and excited too for college tomorrow.

Next day of college, she wasn't yet come! Till now I have heard about a speciality of girls is being punctual, and Aisha is never on time, what kind of girl is she?  and within a second my heart says, this is not like other silly girls, she is something different, this is my love, My Aisha!
Professor steps in, we all settled down for a lecture. As I was nervous and my empty mind was all carrying question marks. I was stopping myself looking at her, as I had no guts to face my love. Constantly, I was staring outside a window and thinking about Aisha's response. Professor notices as my empty mind is running outside road, he threw the chalk to hit me and told me to stand up! A vast hesitation!! Professor asked me some stuff about economics and I was still in a mute mode, I tried my level best and started my comedy comments to impress the class, and an unexpected thing happened, Aisha's smile on my funny comments, her wide smile, and a bit curve. Bell rang, as I was ready to leave the class, Aisha with an innocent voice calls me by my name Hey Sankalp! Shocked, Excited, Nervous, and confused too. I was playing a multiple feelings role. How do you know my name? with some confused empty mind. I just recently saw your friend request! Again a vast hesitating situation.
Are you leaving? she again questioned me by placing her plat from her eyes.
Yup!! have some work! smiling through my innocent heart. I left college.

Oh My God!! really no words to express my happiness, smile was continuously glowing on my face, my love, my Aisha talked to me so good, placing her plat with her innocent smile, and the best part of all our conversation was, she was talking directly making eye contact with me, As now also I recall our first conversation, a smile with different colours glows on my face. Same night as I was surfing my facebook account, for me surfing my facebook is now going through the profile of Aisha.
Aisha was online, with putting my hand over heart and with my eyes closed I send her a text Hey! and our chat started. Just a general chat was going, but it was the too big thing for me, it was something else. And the happiest part is, she completed her schooling from some XYZ ladies Christian school. A very first stuff comes to my mind is, the one big thing is confirmed, that she is not having any relationship at the time of schooling. A sigh of relief. And exchanging our contacts we switched off the chat. The same night situation again, head plugs, love songs, recalling her, my personal diary and me.