Monday, April 6, 2015

Melody of Heart Beat

To my dreamy star like girl
Sweet, dainty glazed eye pearl 
My heart beats peaceful seeing you
It has a silent melody because of you

It has a fond voice which recalls  you

It has a stilly tone which gets recapture of you
I am lost in this kindly melody 
The graceful melody get fallen in love with you

You come across me 
With open hairs and some mascara 
I get out of this world and lost in you 
In our world of only me and you

Every day I design our world 

the first I create is your loving smile
As you twinkle looking at me 
The second its automatically create is our happiness

With a crystalline mind, sinless heart

Here I promise my another soul 
Will never get long ever, ever and ever
Our world will sketch some spice of love forever

The melody of heart will beat peacefully

When I first saw you with my openly heart 
The aspirate is same and canorous till now
And will be.. yonder the death