Wednesday, April 29, 2015

F O C U S !

The way you mindset to grab the success
the way you are curious for the achievement 
failures don't flight up from the stead
just need to focus to be the charm 

Your efforts done with silence

be your goal as set in the glance
normal being doesn't have a unique identity
If his goal isn't his passion

Don't worry, thinking of your past 
don't visualise dreaming of your future
be in present, be yourself
This is focus spell of your success

Concentrate on your goal, let your focus be static

Determine your aim, minus to shortcuts
Perfectionist's never let their work capitulate
until they are not satisfied with their tentative

Be abjure, don't loosen up the hope
faith in your passion, be a smart worker
even if the dark clouds are up in the air
the sun will get the cleft and light the universe

What you will focus in , you will give output

focus on your goal and aim in life
You will gain the success and superiority
in every path of your route