Friday, July 3, 2015

8:30 AM late morning dreams are also worthwhile :)

I just can't stop penning down my happening, when I was dreaming in the late morning. The dream seems like all my happiness was overloading and the good things started filling up my treasury. Till now my treasury was implicit with all my bunch of worries, depression in a wholesale which was known to everyone, and my eighteen years of failure life. As I was dreaming, I wasn't even able to stand stable. I want to see the whole dream till the end and I want to run for penning down my love dream experience. Even an unexpected and a strange thing happen which thrill me out from the dream and dreamy era spins into reality. It was the first time the life made me smile and experienced me surprisingly. 

It was a fresh morning when I was lost in a vacant surface in the uncertain place. The place was unknown to me, the air was new to me and the birds weren't familiar, that will feel my ears pleasant and love their voice. There were no trees as the surface was free from long distance. Only the glossy sand which was trying to weight my shoes was all around.  In all the direction, there I hardly to see a human being or anything. Only the sky was clear and the unfamiliar birds were above me, wondering here and there. I was lost and though worried, where to go. I was free handed, no handbag, cellphone or a water nearby with me. I rubbed my eyes, as the trees were missing there, the raise very directly attacking my eyes. I walked the miles for the hours and hours. The watch was missing so I was minus to the idea about the time. I only predicted that it will be around 4 in the afternoon, as the sun was diagonally up above me. The birds were all vanished from the place, it was just a silent voice of a wind. The wind wet out all my sweat. It feels a bit pleasant me now. But still I want to survive from all this surface and track myself onto the route. After few steps forward,  here I sight a sea which was more far and far away from me. My excitement overloaded and I want to get relief, drinking a water though I was a bit thirsty from the morning. Walking and walking in the from the attacking the rise of the sun my throat was all in the mess of dryness.  I ran towards the sea though it was too far, but the excitement encouraged to took me steps forward and forward without a halt. Finally when I was really close to it there I see some eagles were passing the time in an edge of a sea. The eagles too were drinking the salty sea water and soaking their pinion. As my excitement was still overloading more and more and step by step I jumped into the sea with all my force and the eagle flew hearing my voice with their wet pinion. I went deep into the sea to feel my relaxation and throw away my hunger. I was lost in my own world. 

As I was placing my way forward, something was gleaming absolutely like a ruby. I floated towards it to see and know about it. When I was ten feet near about it a precious aroma I knocked. It was full of delight. A bit I afraid to touch the glittery essence of  an unknown thing. Might be it was own of this sea. I touched it and what I sight? A pretty shipshape pearly girl. With openly mashy hairs, eyelids plunge in mascara, nails were neatly polished and she was done with a nail art, the smile was preciously gifted by a god and her she had a chunky gold jewelry full of  pearl was sparked the whole deep sea. She smiled gripping my hand and forced me to lost in her deep eyes. She didn't blink her eyelids and not even me, as I wasn't permitted to blink it. After few minutes of the span, she licensed me to blink my eyelids. She again closed my eyes with her smooth buttery fingers and she was invisible within a fraction of a second. I tried to find her, I tried my level best, but I fail to sight her. My oxygen was started ending from the core and it was now really hard to hold a breathe. I floated up in a force. It was dark, the stars started ruling in the sky, the moon was all set in his place and the birds were all returned to their nest. Eagles were also backed for the nap. I slowly floated to the edge of the sea. I layed in the smooth hot sand. 

It was a miracle. I wasn't getting what happened inside the deep blue water. I wasn't getting out of a question that my breath was almost three - four hours as per my prediction without an oxygen. I rewinded and gone back to the past few hours. I was forced to sight deep in her eyes. I was drowning and what I experienced in her eyes, was my past few years of life that I am worried about, lost about and failed about. She only understands my failure, and she only took the responsibility of my future successful life. Even now I remember her words that she loves me, and we both can't live a life together but we bless them to each other. She turned my destiny and she gave a trust to live a fearless life ahead because her blessing meant a lot to me. Before she returns back to her place, she closed my eyes with her smooth buttery fingers, came close to me, now I was really feeling her presence and she utter...

As she was to utter my phone starts to vibrate, I smashed my eyes as I was sleeping really hard and was dreaming, I gone through the caller id of my lover, I received and the first word of the morning that relates to my dream and which turns my reality was, she uttered that I love you, my sweetheart, good morning ! And it was my 8:30 AM late morning worthwhile dream :)