Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love @ First Sight !

Saw a pretty girl,
out of flash, only she was is in the spotlight
And I fell for her, with my pearl
Only she was visible to me, and I was feeling bright

To describe you,
the words are blushing every now and then
The words are not enough to tell you
I am blushing to pen down it again and again

A few days ago, I fell in love with you
it was my world best feeling
Every day, every moment I am living fresh
To have you in my heart within me

Every day, Every time
even every moment
I feel your presence
I feel you within me that's a great pleasure

When I saw you first time
My eyesight didn't fluctuate from you
the beauty face ever was seen
Love at first sight I ever been

Your smile, that made me happy
your expressive eyes, that deem only me
Every mischief of your is childish
At last! my innocent heart started mesmerising.