Friday, July 3, 2015

Love Realizes !

And we were moving our way to home
It wasn't a decent to our heart
Our heart wasn't licensed to be apart
And our soul pressed a self to our vehicle

We were driving side from the road
Not accelerating much, to be together a while
At sometimes she was left to me
At sometimes I was right to her

We both were beaming seeing each other
Not uttering a single word
But we were blessing each other from the core
And she raised an accelerator

She was in front of me, I didn't accelerate

She want to hide her tears from me
She don't wanna to see my sad face
And she cleanse her eyes of tears

We both driving on a same lane 

The road was flat just we were for each other
I don't thought of asking for her tears
she is my girl, I knew the reason of her tears

Our love isn't only of a sad or a fight tears

Our heart cries because of each other
Happily, gracefully and relevant
We surrendered our heart to each other

I will remember that road even after

We both are now familiar to that road
Because our heart cried in that lane for each other

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