Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Guy Is Passionate !

Someday at some point, we all get bored to our boring schedule and we plan for the vacation week. There we enjoy at our fullest, we own all the world and we all are at cloud9. After returning back from the vacation week, the same situation results in our 1% working brain. Why we do fluctuate these trauma every now and then, even if we are placing first in studies or even if we had our earnings as per our desire or even if we had a sexy partner in love life. What are those seeds of happiness that fruits to be a no tension wali life. This is a story of a passionate guy, who really don't care of the world talks, or who really doesn't care of his degree or earning or even of his sexy fair partner at his work time. 

The guy is passionate. His childhood and the teenage life passed in the traumas of result which always differs from being a failure guy. As he was stepping forward classes, the level of frustration of failure was also stepping and developing as per. He was achieving the lowest grades title all through his schooling and even in the colleges life. For encouraging his failure, the people around him were pointing out the disgusting talks and suggesting some WTF stuff that always suggest his mind to place a tight slap to them. This guy is fucking barm and fullest master in wasting the father's money. Even his parents were thinking mutual to the relatives for him. He was never asked what he want to do? his interest or his love. The people around him were busy splitting on him. 

A year left to end with the journey of his teenage life, he stopped hearing the fucking words of the people around him and started slogging on his passion i.e. Writing. He was drowned at fullest in his writing. He was sharping his peak of his pen more than a sword edge. He started working on his creativity skills, he improved his English language, which was more destroyed and also protesting the readers. He used to share his writing or we can also say that he used to share his creation in social networks and in the newspapers too. Then he decided and determined that he want to do Writing his profession. After presenting his resolution to his parents, fortunately as expected they refused to follow the decision, but they were not so against with this. That was some percentage of the plus point for him. Then they also started to share his writing to the relatives, friends and again the people around him criticized at fullest. Not for the writing, but for concentrating on studies and proper education and a simple middle-class lifestyle. These all are the hobbies and that's not our cup of tea and blaa blaa fucking blaa. He listened to their talks with a fake smile, but his heart wasn't licensed his soul to get beneath. Then he refused such bullshit talks and concentrated on his goal. 

He took a speed to develop and explore his writing. He planned for his book to be published. He started working on his book, day and night with lots of cups of coffee and chocolate biscuits. All he was concentrating on his goal. After getting his manuscript ready, he searched for the publishers. He knocked many doors of the publishers but couldn't grab the one. Even he was failed in grabbing the publishers, he was not upset or wasn't broken. As he was the emerging author of today's world, no publication took a risk for signing a contract. It wasn't the reason that his writing was poor. He was having a blind faith in his writing, in his passion and in his smart and creative work. 

After a span of days, he took a decision of opening a publishing company in a market. With the attractive packages and contract for the authors. And he offered the proposal in the hands of his father. The real hero, who always filled with hands full of experience, and he was the only person that he would consult first. As his father trust the work of his son, he encouraged him to do so and helped him via financially and physically too. After licensing his Publishing company, he published a first book was published by the author and a publisher. And it results to be the bestseller book in toady's world and after that the talented authors were in a row to publish their book by his company.

So this was the story of a passionate guy, who always loved his passion, who never cheated his passion, always respect his passion and bow every morning. Passion makes you live life happily and worth it. If the guy was lost in the words of his people around him, then it was impossible to hold his passion all through his life, if he was in tears all through his life  and given up after rejecting his manuscript by the publishers then the publication company won't stand and the book wasn't won a title of bestseller. 

So guys, if you phase some hard time in your, don't cry and give up the situation, rather you should accept the situation and work smart for it than working hard. If we are working at fullest being passionate, then we don't even care about the outside world, we create our own world and we are the king of that era. 

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