Monday, June 29, 2015

Note 05/ Positveness

Where are those worries that I was drowning from past few years, where are those feeling low kinda depression that burnt my royal behaviour and I was just only the creepy asshole ash for the outside world. Where is my frustrated mind that it only fall me down in the case of failure. Now the tears are dried, it stripped a black curve on my face. I was possessed with it. It was a death-rattle. The sea of success, the sunshine of fulfilment, and the strength of headway is far afield from me. Why can't I smell it, why can't I hug it from the core. I was stuck to this questions, my mind was busy worrying about and wasn't getting a movement out off. I tried to do it in a different way. I stopped doctrine, I stopped everything that was getting my mind blast full of worries. My mind was in a repose mode, it was just drifting in a sea below the sun and above the deep blue. Now all my mischieves of worries were stopped acting. My hands were stable, my lips were stable, my legs stopped moving, eyelids were blinking in a normal mode, my mind was still in a relaxation. I was enjoying the relaxation and my current feeling. My face glints an unexpected smile. It defines minus to worries or death- rattle rather it get into the blue like a free bird.  Then my mind sparks a fact, worries drown my happiness, worries smashed out all my positivity, it sow the seeds of  negativity. That turned a dried yellow coloured leaves. The only fact, that will burn all the worries and frustration was being POSITIVE. And lastly it really worked out so nicely that, I don't sight them any longer now. I can breathe having a fresh air, fragrance of positivity I was experiencing every morning. Life taught me the label of being yourself in a positive way. And I am me and the life flew with a bag full of success behind my back towards the sunshine. 

Quote of the Note: 
  "The only fact, that will burn all the worries and frustration is being POSITIVE."