Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Note 02/ Faith

Everyone want to become worth in life, listen to their heart and act to be an excellence more and more. Want to achieve the goal, want to be glamorous. Behind every successful being their are the dried tears of failure. Failure drowns in the deep inferno of depression and frustration of all unsatisfied desires. The person, minus to any satisfaction is the greatest offence to the soul. After being a failure is the hardest and the most difficult time to get out into the kingdom of depression. Failure loosen up all the hope, confidence and the achievements of past and the action plan of future, it trammels in the infinity of frustration of present. To be getting out of this, the only mantra is being you. Faith, the most intrinsic aspect of living a happy life. Faith leads to be perfect, faith leads to be confident and focused on your goal, faith leads to have a control on the emotions. It leads to be practical. If the faith is with us, failure doesn't matter at all. Have faith, if today the dark clouds are straggle up your head, the next day will start with a sunrise on your eyes.  Be yourself in being faithful with you. It will surely get you into the blue. :)

Quote of the note -
 "Be Yourself in being Faithful with you"