Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mom : I am blessed by the God

The life is all about the relations. Relations matters it all in life. When we are good with someone, they are good to us and the vice versa. But have you all ever thought is that, the only relation that we are not good with someone at some times, is still good enough to live a worthy life. So the only relation which plays an important role to be a worth life is Mother. For writing or defining a Mother, everyone says it first that, defining the mother in few words is always a difficult task or words are not enough to express the feelings and many more formalistic lines. But I never felt such. I have many precious words and emotions that I love to pen down for this article.

Every woman has the power and has the strength to rule the world. Though I will not interpret the ancient woman. But everyone agrees that the ancient women, unfortunately, didn't get the opportunity to prove their intelligence and power. They all lived in the world is changing and getting more modern today's women is proving that man is busy working for 11 hours and nothing more. I am not demoralizing or getting down the value of men, but trying to expose the fact. Today's women, I will love to present the efforts of my mom as I love her and want to gift her an article on the occasion of her birthday.

My mom, an effort is in her every vein, no passing time, she doesn't want any of the entertainment as she is itself. And I never ever seen a talkative than her, somewhat surly (if anything won't happen according to her) Never to say no to anything. After all like every woman, she is a housewife and manages all things right from the refrigerator button to switching off the button at the night. Don't think that my dad doesn't help my mom. Of course they do, but she is obviously more highlighted than the others. I am always ready to tingle her biryani, anytime and anywhere. Apart from housing she is business women too. After finishing up all the housework, she has the courage and energy of running the business. Relaxation is not in her blood. All time ready to work and ready to scold me and sometimes my dad too. (if anything won't happen according to her) But I am proud of my mom, proud of the relation proud of her housing work, proud of her business and proud of her intelligence.

Everyone says (only men) It's hard to understand women, really it is. It's really difficult to understand the woman, woman power, woman heart, and her mind if what she think of the family, not only the family but the other relatives too at the same time. The woman never live for herself but for her family and especially her children. She never serve herself first, she never has a sip of water without giving a glass of water to her children, she never pray of herself but only for her children and a husband. Woman know how to earn and save money, feelings, relations and emotions. Yes, it is truly said it's hard to understand woman and some fails to understand her. Those who fails to understand woman, hard time starts in their life. To live a happy and an easy life, praise the woman beside you, respect your mother and love your relation.