Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Note 01- Gain Knowledge !

When we attain a chance to arrive in the dainty nature of god, the time outset to sneeze till the death. We are curious to know that what life is? we are curious to know each and every aspect of life in details. Life is all about learning. After we learn we get into the path to applying it. The mind starts running to be canny. We do some things and what comes output is experience, more precious and intrinsic, rather than a failure and a success. Experience apprise you of right and wrong. Gaining the knowledge has no age barriers, knowledge really not overbalance about your temper, eligibility, status, not even the caste and religion (the problematic thing in the era) Lastly, the knowledge has one attitude problem i.e. Knowledge won't make the relations to those, who are not inquisitive to gain. Just you have to be curious to gain it, you have to be alert to grab it whatever the stead. Keep gaining the knowledge and keep learning :)

Quote of the note –
     “Knowledge won't make the relation to those, who has no inquisitive to gain.”