Saturday, June 6, 2015

Note- 04/ Maturity

Are you a matured being?? Is your blood matured??  If you are going through your age after twenty, so you are a fool and you are still an immature being. People think maturity outset after twenty, but that's not at all. The fact is, maturity has no age barriers, the person might be matured on any age, even if in the primary age also. Maturity lies in your thinking, on your thought process and your behavior, physically as well as mentally. Physical behavior defines how you walk? how to talk, how to attend your partner even a stranger. It has many micro sensible thing which we all forget to act and we create an impression as an immature. If someone offered a glass of water, we should drink half of the glass, a cotton napkin is a must in the pocket and it is well used if necessary, even how we dress up, the dressing sense should be a part of maturity. And there are many such things which detect maturity physically. Another maturity which have to be in every being is mentally matured. Mentally matured being has the understanding, caring, grasp the situation. A real matured being thinks of self and others too at a time. A matured being is not who fights and argue and get away spreading the attitude, but apologizes without any fault because he/she don't want to spoil the relations because of irrelevant quarrel. The person who is matured don't hurt anyone's heart, but it frame a smile to the soul in his/her pure matured heart. 

                      Quote of the Note - 
"The person who is matured don't hurt anyone's heart, but it frame a smile to the soul from his/her pure matured heart."