Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miss you !

We both were far miles away
the rise of love wasn't sight a ray
Still our presence wasn't missed
we both never feel an absence of it

It was an experience
and a test of our love
that we both weren't be alive
without a spice of our affection

Miles and miles we were stepping
waiting to hold the hand tight
thinking with eyes closed of returning back
and drowning in the dreamy love

Imagining your happy face

recapturing the time of togetherness
we are the blessing of the god
and you are the reason I am living for

You are the wind after a rainfall

when you come close to me, touch me
I can feel you when I try to hold you
you get directly into my open heart 

For our love the and affection

our doors of the heart are open
Eyelashes are always curious to see
Come fast sweetheart!!
I am waiting to you in the arms