Thursday, August 21, 2014

School Days

When I was a tiny kid, I cried on the first day,
At the day of farewell I am already in tears..
The ten years just rapidly passed away,
When all my staff is also in tears.

Right from the day one of school,
I am taking my all  memories with me..
I will miss these days,
With all my friends in a mischief ways.

As we were a tiny kid, its hard to join a school,
Few days, we afraid to walk in..
As we are younger enough, its harder to leave a school,
We sadly leave, with over all memories from beginning.

All we together celebrated every festival,
with full of joy and enjoyment..
Those days were most adorable,
With all our deplyoment.

I truely can't express my words for our school,
the way my school gave me Fun, Knowledge and Art..
Each and every function was memorable,
And we all gonna  missing this from bottom of our heart.

At last! I will be promising to all my teachers,
I will surely come to meet you once in a week..
And I am glad and proud to have a part of this school,
Have this school make more creative and unique.