Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Fell In Love With you!!

As I saw first time, my eye sight can't fluctuate from you,
First sight I fell in love with you..
It is my first love, can't happen again instead of you,
I am lucky that I fell in love with you.

After falling in love with you,
My mind stuck in remembering you..
But this isn't a mind matter,
My heart is happily overloaded for you.

My desire stayed incomplete to talk and share my feeling with you,
But, everything I was afraid and hesitated to come forward to you.

I am a day dreamer, the only thing I see is you,
My eyes are completely filled in love with you..
A single second I think is all about is you,
But, unfortunately, everytime I failed to interrupt with you.

I think its my turn to walk way,
I dont know how can I stay..
When the words can't come out of my mouth I don't know what to say,
This is the only way I can keep my heart at bay.

Because, love never dies,
Atlast! you will always be my angel..

Even if love happen thrice.