Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dawood Ibrahim: Most Wanted Criminal

The name itself says everything. The most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim. In today's world all the youngsters fall for him, everyone is trying to act like him. Every youngster is trying to become as Bhai. Since the time of movies Once upon a time in Mumbai & Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara, directed by Milan Luthria, the craze to behave like Dawood Ibrahim, Sultan Mirza is raising in mass number. In today's generation teenagers started illegal jobs such as beting, golds giving money as a loan etc. Everyone wants to be a Bhai. Matter karra kya?? is the only words which we are hearing in every today's teenagers.

So this blog is all about, the most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim. Firstly, let me tell my viewers that, this blog is not inspirational nor motivational. My only issue to this is, he is a criminal, he is against the laws and he must be jail till his death.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, son of the police officer, is India's most wanted man. He is the boss of Mumbai-based organized crime syndicate D- Company, reputedly international drug trafficking, counterfeiting, weapons smuggling. He is declared a global terrorist by the United States. He was on the wanted list of Interpol of organized crime and counterfeiting as well as No.4 on the Forbes World's Top 10 most dreaded list of 2008.

Stepping In The World OF Crime-

Dawood initially started out as a mechanic on the streets of Bombay. As the pay wasn't good, he turned to crime full-time starting out as a smuggler. While some day that he also worked as a rickshaw puller in Azamgarh.
With his friends and brothers, Dawood went down to the bustling Crawford Market and scammed gullible bargain hunters. Initially, he did offer a customer an expensive foreign watch," After taking the money, he vanished, while the customer discovered that Dawood had switched the watch for a stone or some such worthless object during the wrapping." By these late teens, Ibrahim created D- Company.He was charged with murder as a result of his audacious bid to destroy the near monopoly enjoyed in the underworld by the competing Lala clan. D- Company emerged victorious after an intense period of blood- letting, However Ibrahim was forced to flee his beloved Mumbai.

Joining Hand With ISI

Soon he came into contact with the Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) wing. The two shared a couple of interests. The ISI wanted a person who could foment communal trouble whenever the need arose. Dawood wanted his piece of the action in the territory and an understanding was therefore reached. The ISI allegedly helped Dawood to flourish. The gold-runner became a mafia don and his gang same to be known as D- Company in Mumbai. Dawood put his finger in every pie from real estate to film production and thought himself to be above the law.

Late Amarjit Singh Samra, the former of Mumbai
Commissioner of Police said about Dawood spectacular rise:" In 10 years, the ordinary- looking son of a police head constable had become, virtually, omnipresent in any crime.

The past few years have seen a dramatic decline in Dawood's fortunes from the heady heights of the lie depicted in "Portrait of a Don". One of the main reasons that contributed to his called decline is the assassination of Shared Shetty, Dawood's financier and long term confident, carried out by Dawood's long time rival Chotta Rajan. News media outlets reported the murder as a sign of a dramatic shift of power between the crime lords. The loss of Shetty was the followed by the declaration by the United States Treasury Department declaring Ibrahim a Global Terrorist because of his links with Osama Bin Laden. Ibrahim then lost one of his aides, Pakistani Underworld Don Shoaib Khan in 2005.

Another major blow was given to Ibrahim by the arrest of ten members of his gang by Mumbai Crime Branch on November 21, 2006. They were extradited from the United Arab Emirates, from reported in India Today that Dawood Ibrahim provided the logistics for November 2009, his brother and close associate Annes Ibrahim was shot dead in June.

So, friends, this was the story of Most Wanted Criminal Dawood Ibrahim. In this way he built his connections and stepped up in  the world of crime, another version is that Dawood used a Kashmiri woman, Naseem, to lure Samad Khan to an building and then got him killed by his own gang comprising of Chota Rajan, Sanjay Ruggad, Dilip Bhuve and Sunil Sawant alias Sauthya and thus got elevated to the position of The Don of Bombay.

As I said earlier, this blog is not to support or cheer for Dawood. He is a damn bloody criminal and he must be jailed as early as possible. As he has a gang and no one reaches up to him, please cut this crap!!, everyone has to bow in front of laws. As, Mumbai Police did first encounter of Manya Surve, I believe that Mumbai Police will do this too. As Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated, "We are trying to arrest Dawood. Whenever he is, we will arrest him. Any Criminal evading justice should be brought to book. That was the effort of the previous government and it is the effort of our government too" he said during a debate on issues during concerning the Home Ministery.

I want to share a funny incident with my viewers, recently Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara was in theatres, three teenage friends came to Tapri, a guy asked another guy, which cigarette you want?? , guess what??, the guy pronounced, Abe Jo Dawood Ne Liya Tha Na, Woh Leliyo , such a crap it is?? 
One of famous dialogue from Once Upon A Time In Mumbai the teenagers are repeating while smoking, Zindagi Ho To Smuggler Jesi, Duniya Raakh Ki Tarah Niche, Aur Hum Dhuye Ki Tarah Upar.  Was this really feels like Dawood after repeating a dialogue and having a cigarette in a hand?

So friends, I think, we are the one who are supporting such underworlds and that's maybe the reason they are still in free hands. We are doing this publicity by releasing movies and publishing books and after this we are the one, who are clapping and happily saying that yar iss bande mein daam hai!! 
The way he built such illegal business like match fixing, spot fixing, money laundering, illegal gold runner, mixing up medicines, and others.

So friends, let's be against Dawood Ibrahim and I am damn sure, crime will also come to an end. If the seeds will not sow, then the tree will surely not arise.