Friday, September 18, 2015

Charity of Happiness

From past few days, we have been eyed to the news of celebrities financially aiding the farmers or the children who are suffered by the diseases. In today's world, the only charitable organisation flashing up in Indian is Being Human. Recently Nana Patekar and Makrand Anaspure promised the Indian farmers by the saying, " Call us before you suicide", whereas Khiladi Akshay Kumar also aid 180 Maharashtrian farmer families by giving 50,000 each. Everyone have their source of charity. I think, it's a great hand by these social work. Youth's are also getting inspired by these, and started their way in social work as a devotee. Did you notice a thing, where the charity is only financially done. I agree it is a great help financially to the needy ones, but what about the people who are handicapped by their stress of mind? or what about them who are running frustrated or given up their lives. So let us take a move to the Charity of Happiness. What is it about? 

Whether anyone is sailing in a boat of frustration or above the tunnel of stress, make sure the spirit of giving up should never climb the rope. Whatever the distress are tied up, keep calm, respire, visualises the good things placed, feel the positivity and start improvising the worst things. If the person is tensed about the future plans, visualise that the achievements first that were planning, celebrating the grand success, at last promise yourself to just do it. Think conversely to the situation if the distress comes across the path of life, something good will definitely take place.

Seed of the human being for pulling out of the bed is their mind should be all set. If the mind will be disturbed or surrounded by the stress, then the human won't be able to think, then it won't be able to perform the activity as per the action plan, and the satisfaction and achievements portion is far away from the life of the stadium. If the state of mind is happy and full of satisfaction and positivity, that person is more powerful, liveliness and confident of living a life. The person is fully prepared of the storms coming across the path because the person have faith in mind. Every day you chose to be happy and stop worrying about what you don't have, just start focusing on what you want to gain. 

So for the change to our nation, let us all start preparing the mindset and motivate the depressed person. If the mind is fully set, then their would be no harm to the nation. Farmers, won't need the charity, the disease would not have the courage to touch anybody and literacy will be rising highly all over the globe. Just we have to, set the mind of the needy ones. 


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