Monday, October 5, 2015


Child is the futurity of the society
Presence of innocence and absence of cruelty
Then why child abuse is ensuing
Yes! You are sleeping in a society

The lady can never amble late night
she walks with a fright of her shadow
why she bother about the outside world
she can't even breathe freely in open air 

She can't even breathe in her own house
she can't even say a word of her right
the husband injures his wife
Yes! You are sleeping in a society

Normal man can't even sleep
due to the heinous crime placing in the society
we have to fight for a justice, else
You are sleeping in a society

Criminals screwed the celebration of a family
still the police are pointing out to the parents
still the judiciary is asking for strong evidence
Still accuse is freely flying in the blue

If you are ignoring the crime 
If you do not bother about the society
then be ashamed of your livelihood
Yes! You are sleeping in a society.

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