Monday, September 7, 2015

Note- 07/ Humanity

God, what exactly the concept defined or ken? People think god is identified from his cloth, full of jewellery, wearing ancient finger rings and every now and then god place the magic by blowing candles or reading to prolegomena. We all bide in a modern era, but still the people are wasting their time in researching on that ancient god chemistry. And every fellow get their own results and experience of god. So what exactly the concept of god is? God is the one who appears at your bad times, the person who supports you, encourages you when you feel low, the person who wipe your tears and bring a curve smile on your face, magically. The one who does all these things are your closed ones. These people are kind hearted, they understand you, they care for you, their eyes want to see you happy, their hearts want to feel your success. The mythology concept says there were 33 crore god in that era. It is not wrong, in that era there were 33 crore of the human population, and all were kind hearted so they assumed to be a god. So let us make a change and start trying to be as a god in your own. Humanity is the worship of God. Let us every say, I have my god within me, my humanity is alive.

Quote of the Note- 

I have my god within me, my humanity is Alive !

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