Sunday, September 13, 2015

Trick Code: A Story of a Magician

I was a bit disappointed with my wife Bella, after the brawl. I struck the door with anger and left for my show. Bella was crying for her deeds. She gave up her biggest mistake of the confession. I was suited for a show, a long magician hat was placed on my head, black coloured stick and a rich rose gold chain of my grandfather. I was about to enter the circle of footlights. Still my sight was re- capturing the Bella’s confession. Audience were in a custody of celebration, which Elephants were distributing at their best, monkeys were mounting a cradle from the floor, two hot ladies were performing gymnastics wearing glittery costumes, white rats were tugging the rope of the chariot.  As I enter the circle, the environment of the circus glint with the happiness. Every single audience was excited to experience the magic from the famous Magician Daniel Richard. But unfortunately, on the foremost straight to the audience, I was running edgy by my performance. I was gesturing the thanks by waving my hands and getting down from the heart to the audience. My was smile was wide and fake, as my mind was still running in the trauma of my love Bella. I closed my eyes to begin the trick, and my heart threw my mind mentally from the site.

I acquired the knowledge of magic from my kind-hearted grandfather when I was running 3 years of age. My grandfather was the great Magician at their time, still the world talks good about him.  God didn't give me the chance to see my parents, I think I had some past issues with the him. My grandfather played the role of my parents. I rewarded the trick code when I was nine by him, till then I had grabbed much knowledge about the magic from every angle. When my grandfather passed away, I had a major loss to my life. After the demise of my grandfather, his another son took all the land and I was thrown out of the palace. It was really hard to survive every phase of my life, still god was with me. I thanked god for giving me the sharp mind to do magic, on the other side I thanked my dearest heavenly grandfather to pouring in the world of Magic. I was shifted in a one bedroom hall hut, where all my neighbours in a slum were tied a lace of relatives in my life. Then every evening I practised the tricks which were taught by my grandfather. A bread packet was enough for me all through the week. One day, when I was performing on the streets of London, a girl named Bella was attracted towards me. She was continuously clicking my photographs from the audience. And here I began my new invention which I worked hard the whole night. I was bit  worried whether it works easy. I start to perform, “Ladies and gentlemen, here I perform to you my recent trick which I successfully done with the notes last nights. Some men love their secretary, some ladies love their boss, some loves neighbours and some loves to be not being straight. But everyone has a real love. If anyone wish to see the one you love the most, come to me for the heart reading. I will display the capture for whom your heart beats." The show hit well. It was my first achievement which only belongs to me. I decided to perform the same trick again. On a very next day, I was all set to perform on an oxford street. Bella caught me again. She came closer to me and requested to try the trick with her. I was a bit excited of the attraction of Bella. I requested her to close the eyes, I came closer to her, feeling her every presence, her hairs were flying universal and the smile was widening the pretty curve. My heart was blushing, I was fallen for her. So I started, " So Miss pretty wish to exhibit her heart to everyone from whom it beats truly, for whom it beats more swiftly, and here I place my trick". I plunge into her heart, and I sight me. The screen displayed the image of mine. As I knew her every feeling for me, still I act of as if it was a shocking surprise for me. The audience were shocked going through my snap, and Bella opened her eyes and said," If you have seen you, in me, will you please me by my life partner Mr Magician? She proposed him, and everyone started clapping and enjoying the happening.

That evening blessed us to stay together. Flirting, dating was usually done. We were pleased to spend time together to know each other for the marriage. Bella was completely in me, her support, care and love was enough for me to get out of my struggling life. I escalated with a high speed and I geared up to organise the show in huge. Finally, the time took place, when our soul was glued with each other. And we got married.

When I was all set to perform the trick in front of the 2 lacs of the audience, my tricks cheese to work. The magic was resigned to place. Everyone was biting their nails to outcome a magic, but it wasn't working. Daniel was a bit hesitated. The monkeys, elephants, white rats were also not getting the situation. The audience paused for a while. Still the magic ruined to perform. I downed my neck, I was only worried about the confession of the Bella. Why she did with me? Still my anger about Bella was not staired down. I will surely give her the bloody answer. I focused on my tricks, closed my eyes and the magic took place. The audience were shocked to experience the magic. I was 10 feet up from the floor. I fly the whole stadium towards the audience 10 feet up with my empty hands, I tricked and entertained the audience more with the stars and balloons. All the cast of animals continued their task. Session of celebration was started, crackles made the evening more delightful. It turned like a festival. After a while, I landed back on the stage and the audience bowed me with the gladness.

After the show, I stepped my foot back to the house, where Bella was flat on the floor, with her eyes opened. Blood was place on the entire floor. She gave up her breath. As she was plunge bloody flat on the floor, my foot got rusted and wasn't moving to her. I want to know the reason behind her suicide. When I saw into her eyes for the last time, I realized that she was begging me to forgive her. Still I wasn't ready to forgive. My hands were dithering while closing her eyes. I held her hand and did the trick of my grandfather which he taught me when I was running 7. Still I remember his words, he told me to use this trick. "This trick is rare and for a limited period of time, please think twice before you trick". And I start reading my love's mind.

 “When I first saw you, I was in love with you. All I wish to gift my whole remaining life to you. As you did the heart reading trick with me on the oxford street, the paranormal masters caught us. Then the paranormal master contacted me, where they told me to give up the magic and, the environment of magic is not so safe for anyone, and it will be more harmful to your husband. They told me the disadvantages of the magic world.  They trained me, taught me some tricks that will destroy your magic and I sealed your Magic tricks so that our life would not grip to any of the harm routes. I want to live safe not for me, but for our future baby and you. After a while, I thought of what I did, I snatch the art from the artist. It was the biggest mistake I did. Daniel, I always loved you from the core, and I know I am snatching your love from your life, your baby and I snatch your art too. Their mission was to grab your trick code so that you will give up from your magic. Here I don’t deserve to breathe for you.” 

A very next day, at the time of condolence of Bella, paranormal master Dwayne Cruncher and Samuel Headstone shook the hands with me. They both wanted the answer from me about the last show of magic. 

Hey Mr. Daniel, we are the paranormal masters. I am Dwayne Cruncher and he is Samuel Headstone, we expect you in the coffee shop in half an hour. Dwayne ordered.

I reached there in a given time. Still I was running my time in a regret of Bella’s suicide act. 

Please have a seat, Mr. Daniel Richard, Mr. Headstone requested.

We are extremely sorry for your wife Bella, we only trained her for your tricks and I cut him in between.

Yeah, I read her mind. I was not in a mood to answer the masters.

Oh! Mr. Magician, so your tricks were already sealed by your wife, so how did you performed the magic in the last show? Dwayne questioned.

Mr. Masters, Magic is the only thing which is immortal. Even if you sealed my trick code, you didn’t seal my art or my techniques and skills. Magic is science, Magic is the art of living the life with the reason. 

When the masters got the answers from me, they wished me luck for the future magic endeavours. And also promised that they won’t interfere in my life again.

Now I just want to confess the secret of my future magic life to Bella. I knee down in front of Bella’s tomb, and confessed,” My grandfather confer his trick code to me at the time of his last breathe and even if you sealed my trick code, I was able to perform my magic. And I did the same in my last yesterday’s show. I was not proficient performing the magic, which my grandfather’s trick aid me out to fly 10 feet up from the floor. I miss you, my love. Let me tell you, Bella, magic tricks can read heart, can help one to fly, can also read the mind, but magic cannot make the dead, alive. But no one can change the destiny. Not even the magician. 

Note – 
Magic also comes under the category of entertainment. There are no tricks which will harm any of the living or a non-living thing. Magicians live as an artist because they use their creative self-invented tricks in their limits.

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