Thursday, September 18, 2014

Live Before You Die!

Again a new try of writing a blog, subject related to philosophy. From philosophy we can learn, motivate and inspire new things. So friends, my research finally got the solution, or we can say that got the solution of living a life. Firstly, lets take an example, a home-made example. Guys, you might have noticed one thing of your dad, as he comes tired from work, and use certain statement "Oh God! hell with this job, hell with this hitler boss and hell with this staff and blaa blaa blaa. The office life is full of efforts, and these efforts are the subtitles of full of  tensions, frustration, depression. These efforts are unsatisfied. In this case the person gets highly depressed and acts like doing such things that are not good and harmful for the person.

So friends, the only aspect of writing this blog is to determine our own potential, What I Can Do? and surely it will definitely meet to live a life. Here the meaning of living a life is to live a satisfied life and to live a happy life, satisfaction is the most important aspect to be happy. There are two types of life, a happy life and the other one is an unsatisfied life.

My analysis research and six sense proved me right. Statistics says, the people who are preyed of depression and frustration are about 45 percentile of person committed suicide, and the shocking part of this story is that, the people who committed suicide were professional doctors, engineers, lawyer and police officers and of many other fields. And about 85 percentile of students who committed suicide were because of their decision regarding the education felt incorrect. This a shocking demise and a major loss for our nation, professional experienced citizens and the youth that their own and nation's future was in their hands committed suicide.

So friends, have you ever gone through this part? Have you ever thought of in which case is this happening? According to my research and my personal experience got the solution. As I said earlier, everyone has a potential in many curricular activities such as sports, art, writing and many more. The only thing is you have to determine your own potential. What I can do? and Yes! I Can Do!

The best part I liked the most ever is in the film Mary Kom directed by Omung Kumar,the scene was Mary's father was against her potential i.e. boxing and he ignores her to built carrier as a boxing due to his so called reasons, after their argument he wales her weather a father or a boxing, without thinking a second she decides boxing. She took her decision and determined her potential when she was only 16 years of age, and today her decision and dedication accessed her on toplist of the world. There are many famous celebrities, players, writers, artist and some other field popular people who determined their potential after 30's and 40's.  Marathi singer Salil Kulkarni, well known writer Chetan Bhaghat.

My only message to all youngsters is to determine your potential. What you doing like the most, writing, acting, dancing, singing or studying. If you are weak in studies and like doing other curricular activities, you must do what you like doing, as you are satisfied doing what you like doing, it will surely help you to study well and you will get good results in studies or some other work too. If our mind is fully satisfied with our goals, you will definitely live a life. If you will determine your potential, you will automatically generate your interest, dedication towards your potential and the most important part success. 

As you will go with your potential all through life, you will surely get a new face and a presence of living a life. Many things will automatically change and generate new ideas regarding your profession. There are too many popular stars who determined their potential such as Mary Kom, Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Milkha Singh, Shahrukh Khan and many other legends. It will beneficial for self and nation too. 

Great writer Late Roger Williams says, The greatest crime in the world is not developing your potential. When you do what you do best, you are helping not only yourself, but the world.
So friends, live to alive your potential, make it a profession, the whole world will perceive you by your profession. Our own potential is the most unique power gifted by a god, so use it and it will surely give you a fruitful result.