Sunday, July 20, 2014

At Last! My Heart Started Beating For You..

I almost gave up in my life..
with walls painted blue
Till magnificent Love..
touches through you.

Now we will face..
the obstacles of life together
I really want to be a routine..
that will last forever.

When I was alone..
I can't stand on my own
Then heaven sent you here..
When the angels had flown.

Since then I become so stronger than ever..
look up to my promise 
I will be with you forever.

Words could never tell you..
how important you'll always 
Just little things that you do..
that are especially meant for me.

all the things to do 
and share the bond so true.

the cost is nothing its for free 
They console the merely and gladden the sad..  and can make someone happy when they are mad.