Monday, January 11, 2016

Fresh Start

Every year earth completes a lap of 940 million kilometres, and we people celebrate it in a very beautiful way. At 31st night, everyone is prepared to move on with the previous mistakes and on the other side everyone is prepared for the new resolution. That will bring change in their life path. Some promises to live happily, some promises to stay fit and some promises to be intellectual. But there are some amount of people in the corner who decides to be more passionate towards bringing transformational change. Isn’t it really cool than a common man’s resolution. A new year morning will not change the day and then the life, you have to change the time. So before any further resolution, focus on to being passionate.
1.       Taste it, Own it:
Life is time, time won’t wait for anyone and same as life won’t stop for anyone. Don’t be so innocent to give all control to your time, create the situation and be the own controller of your life. Where time plays the role of biscuit, meanwhile life plays the role of a sweet sugar cream. You will always have to keep it together. Taste it and own it.

2.       Big dreams, big talk:
A Person should dream big, not by sleeping, but with the open eyes. Fulfill all your wants in dreams. Talk to your dreams. Start mesmerizing your dreams loudly. Tell your pals, neighbours and closed ones. Oral dreams will help your dreams register it in your brain. It will come true.

3.       Re-Innovative:
Innovate your ideas, and revise it hundreds of time for the more perfect innovation. Better writer edits the work more and more to make it perfect. Be the perfectionist in your life. Yes! It will take a pretty time, but better work will keep you reminded by the crowd.

4.       I am the best:
Attitude is not a bad thing. Keep your own attitude of being the best. Keep your thinking, that no one is as intellectual as I am. If you are the best, you have to work and you have to be more than excellent. You will.

These are just a bullet point for the entrepreneur, but there are many more qualities that every entrepreneur has. Discipline, warm behaviour and good approach. Just being passionate will experience the life and will also gift you a real reason to live. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Back in Action!

It's been so long that my viewers were waiting for my writing. From past few days, I have been writing only for me itself (Diary) and nothing for the viewers. I received some messages from my readers about my coming projects asking for what's next? With my dried tears, only I have to reply them that I am working and it will be out soon.

Every artist has the bad span that surrounds the black cloud, and a vast wind of depression that shrivel the dried tears of the artist's career. Working under the creative field has sensitive touch, which has to be cared, loved and also have to respect more than the God. It is an empty glass which has to be saved from falling it on the floor. For which, the artist has to take care of his mood, surroundings, and all other life aspects which won't spoil the creative world of an artist.

I was experiencing the same days from last thirty days. I wasn't tired with my work, but I failed to take care of my surroundings and instead of my innocent heart I turned my mind towards the devil. I was yearning to enter into my creative kingdom, but a devil in my innocent heart always stabs me to enter and unlock my world of writing. It was tremendous and a helpful experience for me of thirty days span which I lived it with the devil in my heart and it was a life lesson to ignore the feelings that will affect the creative world.

Few days back, one of my readers approached me as an Author Peedy. It was a feeling that I bow to my first step of my creative kingdom, and I unlocked the world of writing. I wasn't scared about the devil, or I didn't even turned, and waiting for the devil to stab me from back. It was a feeling that revealed all my past achievements and I am always overwhelmed when I read the letters, messages of my dear viewers. With a warm respect here I also bow to my readers and followers. As I think, the followers are the only one to make the artist the king of his own world.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Loveship v/s Devil

"When two different hearts attracts each other, when two different hearts attracts at a certain point, when two different hearts decides to live a life together, when two different hearts promises to walk together holding their hands, when two different hearts build the kingdom of trust, that they won't get apart from each other, when two different hearts prays to god for each other to have a happy life. "

Now I am really obsessed with these lines, it really scares, when these lines are ingrossed into my ears. It was the time when these lines used to originate my smile and bubble my heart with love. Now these lines are just displaying the nightmares to my eyes. The bad patch of loveship I am experiencing where trust routed to doubt, where our cute little promises transformed into devil to spoil our loveship. Now I am surrounded by the fake people where the devil was playing the role of love, and we were swelling in a boat to demolish our promises. 

When I was busy giving a smile to a girl of my life, where I was celebrating her welcome to my life, her love for me was fragrant that she flavoured my life. Minus to any fear and her blooming smile, she felt from the peak of the mountain where I hold her tight. This was our love life. We lived our good times, we cared for it too. Our love was childish as a cute little child, where she used to be innocent all the time whether of her mischieves or mistakes and I used to scold her light. Our love was like a red rose, where we used to be the attraction for other couples or singles. Our love was like a married couple, where we were energetic to fight all the time and at last the only husband has to down the neck for love. We both are somewhat the one soul, where if it hurt the one, the other used to cry for it. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Scared Love

Feelings can’t be measured in money, neither in scale nor kilometres or in kilograms, but it has a value like a natural world. So natural things can’t be measured in the five fingers or in a million cells in our body, but it has a vast value that always reminds your heart to follow it. Here I realised the difference between a feeling and love. Love. What is it? Just a feeling, but what we can define love as? This is the feeling and it has a tremendous value which can’t be told, said, asked but it has to be expressed. Here I expressed my love through feelings.

I believe in love at first sight, and I had experienced it, but in my previous love story. This is something that destiny (defines Mark Zuckerberg) banged and we started a conversation. It started from the social network. We used to chat 24* 7. We used to share our problems, we used to fight also (cute fight that will indicate our care for each other). Our chat built a huge trust that it was the time to propose her to be my life partner. I don’t remember when I proposed her even she doesn’t know. We assumed that we love immensely and we started our relationship journey to stay together.
After some span of days, we met. We saw both of us for the first time. We both were confused that, from what purpose we will see each other friends, strangers, couple or a committed life partner? She is not a cinderella or the angel holding a magic stick, but she is something for me what my heart liked.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NIYOGINI: Right for the Women

NIYOGINI- The girl who fought for the right of the women at the age of 19 against the panchayat system and opened the route to dream every women. The story will surely realize the real power of the women in the society. 

Thought of publishing this story because, it has grace to change the mankind, to support the women power. This will bring the change in the society, and the citizens will experience the golden days, were all crimes will be far away from the society.

Grab the kindle edition and review for the best :) 


Monday, October 5, 2015


Child is the futurity of the society
Presence of innocence and absence of cruelty
Then why child abuse is ensuing
Yes! You are sleeping in a society

The lady can never amble late night
she walks with a fright of her shadow
why she bother about the outside world
she can't even breathe freely in open air 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Charity of Happiness

From past few days, we have been eyed to the news of celebrities financially aiding the farmers or the children who are suffered by the diseases. In today's world, the only charitable organisation flashing up in Indian is Being Human. Recently Nana Patekar and Makrand Anaspure promised the Indian farmers by the saying, " Call us before you suicide", whereas Khiladi Akshay Kumar also aid 180 Maharashtrian farmer families by giving 50,000 each. Everyone have their source of charity. I think, it's a great hand by these social work. Youth's are also getting inspired by these, and started their way in social work as a devotee. Did you notice a thing, where the charity is only financially done. I agree it is a great help financially to the needy ones, but what about the people who are handicapped by their stress of mind? or what about them who are running frustrated or given up their lives. So let us take a move to the Charity of Happiness. What is it about?