Thursday, November 12, 2015

Loveship v/s Devil

"When two different hearts attracts each other, when two different hearts attracts at a certain point, when two different hearts decides to live a life together, when two different hearts promises to walk together holding their hands, when two different hearts build the kingdom of trust, that they won't get apart from each other, when two different hearts prays to god for each other to have a happy life. "

Now I am really obsessed with these lines, it really scares, when these lines are ingrossed into my ears. It was the time when these lines used to originate my smile and bubble my heart with love. Now these lines are just displaying the nightmares to my eyes. The bad patch of loveship I am experiencing where trust routed to doubt, where our cute little promises transformed into devil to spoil our loveship. Now I am surrounded by the fake people where the devil was playing the role of love, and we were swelling in a boat to demolish our promises. 

When I was busy giving a smile to a girl of my life, where I was celebrating her welcome to my life, her love for me was fragrant that she flavoured my life. Minus to any fear and her blooming smile, she felt from the peak of the mountain where I hold her tight. This was our love life. We lived our good times, we cared for it too. Our love was childish as a cute little child, where she used to be innocent all the time whether of her mischieves or mistakes and I used to scold her light. Our love was like a red rose, where we used to be the attraction for other couples or singles. Our love was like a married couple, where we were energetic to fight all the time and at last the only husband has to down the neck for love. We both are somewhat the one soul, where if it hurt the one, the other used to cry for it. 

But do we really live like our past days now? The past is not the word that it had destroyed everyone's life, but it always displayed us the memories of our earlier days. Now it had been a game of loveship v/s devil. Where either our love will come up and will shine like a rising star or the devil who will crunch out and harassingly cover our love in a black curtain for all through life. But our love is not so weak to give up in front of the devil. This is just a bad pitch but we will fight for it to fill up the frame of our past days 

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