Friday, December 11, 2015

Back in Action!

It's been so long that my viewers were waiting for my writing. From past few days, I have been writing only for me itself (Diary) and nothing for the viewers. I received some messages from my readers about my coming projects asking for what's next? With my dried tears, only I have to reply them that I am working and it will be out soon.

Every artist has the bad span that surrounds the black cloud, and a vast wind of depression that shrivel the dried tears of the artist's career. Working under the creative field has sensitive touch, which has to be cared, loved and also have to respect more than the God. It is an empty glass which has to be saved from falling it on the floor. For which, the artist has to take care of his mood, surroundings, and all other life aspects which won't spoil the creative world of an artist.

I was experiencing the same days from last thirty days. I wasn't tired with my work, but I failed to take care of my surroundings and instead of my innocent heart I turned my mind towards the devil. I was yearning to enter into my creative kingdom, but a devil in my innocent heart always stabs me to enter and unlock my world of writing. It was tremendous and a helpful experience for me of thirty days span which I lived it with the devil in my heart and it was a life lesson to ignore the feelings that will affect the creative world.

Few days back, one of my readers approached me as an Author Peedy. It was a feeling that I bow to my first step of my creative kingdom, and I unlocked the world of writing. I wasn't scared about the devil, or I didn't even turned, and waiting for the devil to stab me from back. It was a feeling that revealed all my past achievements and I am always overwhelmed when I read the letters, messages of my dear viewers. With a warm respect here I also bow to my readers and followers. As I think, the followers are the only one to make the artist the king of his own world.