Saturday, August 22, 2015

Muktangan By Piyush Rishi

The book named Muktangan- a free bird, is the creation of the poetry. The poetries not only penned in English but also in Marathi. Muktangan is a Marathi word which defines a freedom or an independent bird, which is free to do worth in life and listen to the heart. The cover of the book will come to know as a flying eagle in the blue with and the guy jumping freely and visualising as a free bird.

Every poet writes a particular or a selective genre, but Piyush’s experiment of penning down the poerty of every genre was fruitful to express his writing. It is a choice for the readers to read their interested genres in the book. Love, Life, Motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual, Devotional, Fictional and even on the realistic issues. The book also experiences the readers a vast imaginary world of the poetry. Marathi poetry pages will engage the readers in realistic and the fictional lines, were as, the English section will feel the readers with love and realise or motivate the failure or inspire to live a successful life. The book seems an experimental. Every poetry has a story, the readers won’t find any shape to the poetry, and the other thing is the reader will involve completely into this and start imagining.

Production of the book is neatly presented still some issues will come to know to the bookworms. From this book Piyush succeeded with earning a title of City’s youngest author from Nagpur. The book will also introduce about the Author Piyush Rishi, as it was his first creation. Still more books to be published in the coming year. Till then.  

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