Sunday, August 23, 2015

Note/06 Feelings

The only thing which is engraved in the every nerve of the body, which has the headquarter in the heart. We take a birth in the another practical world of god, our feelings start to run. First of all we cry, why we cry? had anyone thought of it? just only because to be habituated to the outside world. We pass our days, we learn the aspects of feelings, then in a little age we won't price it, after a couple of years when some tragedy happens at the age, then we start understanding it. It is a good thing, even we laugh, smile, we fall in love, even we fall in a gulf of depression, a vast frustration and we motivate own to stair up and throw away the stones which are getting our path difficult. Feeling is the only thing which would be with us as a shadow. It would be with us till the last breathe, then it won't see a back after the death. That doesn't mean, it won't motivate or keep you happy. Feelings will motivate and motivate to be alive till your last breathe, feelings will drop your tear off for someone's care, feelings will present you a smile on your when your wrist is full of success and it will stab you a knife if it breaks your trust. Feeling will scare you and again it will throw in the gulf of dark, but on the other side, it will give you a courage to get back to the floor of, you can. It is an invisible thing, nobody has the right to see, but it is versatile, it works many at a time of any of the department.

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