Sunday, November 9, 2014

Satyameva Jayate: Mumkin Hai!

Blog title itself says everything. The reality show with the huge number of TRP Satyameva Jayate ended up with the third season. First two seasons were obviously amazing and well enough to convey the social message through each and every citizen of the country. Every episode comes with the different social message, unique ideas and gives the information about in which direction our country is leading. There are a number of crimes going in the country, accused which reveals with some amount of cash given to the courts, police or doctors. With the help of research team, they expose and discuss the major loss the country is facing every now and then and take actions as per the loss.

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is the founder cum host of the reality show Satyameva Jayate, direction part is by Mr. Satyajit Bhatkal and, it's an  Aamir Khan Production Private Limited. This show is running totally on a public response. They are having a donation facility also, in which the public donation for the show through Axis Bank can donate the amount and that donated amount will be given in charitable trust, NGO's, orphanage. 

So, friends, lets come across the statistic section, according to the graph filed till now, the number says about 23,926,527 actions are taken, in which 10,784,593 are of votes from all social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, video views and website views. The response of public is in the huge number and rapidly increasing minute to minute. Every citizen of India want change in the country, the public is fully convinced and agreed to the social message and ideas for the change in the country, and every citizen says this reality show has this power. Let's introduce the sponsor team, presenting sponsor Airtel, Powered by Axis Bank, philanthropy partner Reliance Foundation, associate sponsor Maruti Suzuki,, Bajaj, Appo, Hero, I must say without these sponsors the show is incomplete. Last but not the least, the great musician Ram Sampath.

Let's move on towards the new concept, which had been started from season 3 is Mumkin Hai!. The word mumkin hai means everything is possible, every change in the country is possible. Mumkin Hai! is the concept were Aamir Khan interact personally to the citizens of the country, goes through every thought, ideas, problems of the citizen of the country and work regarding the problems. I think, this concept would be the brought earlier, but no matter, this is working with a huge number of response from the public. Most valuable and helpful concept of all time. 

Simply, no words to express such a amazing show, hard work of Satyameva Jayate, especially Mr. Aamir Khan, the way they are changing the country, and every fresh Sunday morning, diverting the mind of the citizen to raise hands to social service. Every citizen should be the social worker, and the social work begin from home. The word Satyameva Jayate means truth alone triumphs. It's a great victory of achievement, and I think, this show and the team of Satyameva Jayate are taking their words. Related to this show, Aamir visited PM Mr. Narendra Modi and discussed some of the issues that will bring the change in the country. Every now and then, one think stuck in my mind, till now not a single political party did, which Satyameva Jayate had done, And I hope every citizen of the country having a same thinking. So friends, if our country needs a change in politics, courts, police, hospitals, societies and other important aspects, so be the part of this show and give your valuable suggestions and I am damn sure that your valuable response would change the country.

                          Satyameva Jayate!! Jai Hind!!