Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gaurav Purohit : A Revenge Story

Firstly, let me ask you a simple question, How many of you took a revenge? In a dictionary, a word Revenge means inflict hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong done to oneself. If our classmate speaks some abusing to our work, we hold it in our heart, we feel angry and directly our mood goes down. And next to the day, when we become a harsh minded person and hurt him badly, break his hands, give a slap. In films revenge means, fights, abusing scene of hero and a villain and etc. But now in this blog I would like to share a true word of revenge, and this blog is all about an inspiring human. So let's introduce the newcomer novelist, Mr. Gaurav Purohit, he took revenge, he selected his weapon a passion. His thinking was to become a novelist.

He lives in orange city i.e. Nagpur. He did his schooling in Somalwar Khamla and was graduated from Yashwantrao Chauhan College of Engineering with aggregate marks. He did his post graduation in advance construction management from institute named NICMAR from Pune city. He is currently working as a planning engineer at Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board on the contractual basis. An innocent man with the great power of imagination, all writers has this personality.

So friends, let me share his story that his journey to becoming a novelist took place, as Gaurav was in school, his English language was not often good. He was poor in The English language. His classmates and best of friends used to laugh at him. His friends were used to criticize him. At that time, he was also acting to laugh at himself for showing off his friends, but deep inside his heart, he felt very awful with his English language. Friends, when people criticize us with any certain reason, then firstly we feel bit grotty and thinks to give a slap to those no more ons. But Gaurav, didn't try to act like such, as everyone does. His revenge was to improve the language and become a novelist. So he started working and developing his passion. He started reading newspapers, blogs, magazines and worked for 6 years and came up with his first book i.e. "11 Stories From Dream To Reality" which was based on his close ones i.e. friends and his family. The book his compromise of eleven small stories. He not yet published this book. As per his statement regarding not publishing the book was " As the book was based on Family and Friends, it was just oriented to them only, it was not targeting the crowd" 

As his confidence and dedication towards writing was raising highly, he came up with an another idea for next novel and started working for a year. He took placed many hurdles and difficulties as the writer has, and finally his work came with a huge success. He gave his writing to the Chandigarh publisher company named White Falcon Publishing House, which has released in 22nd October 2014. 

The book named Survival- Evidence Of True Destiny, is an adventurous and emotional fiction story of two friends, Andy, and John. A dramatic turnaround of events happens and these two people, who were arch rivals in their childhood, eventually become the best of friends. The story also depicts how a tragic incident can change an individual's mindset drastically. It is mentioned that the destiny of a person is unchangeable. Similarly, what destiny had in store for Andy and John Desley in their lives, is vividly narrated by in the book through God's various creations. And finally, the book describes that God has everything to do with every human being, he may be a firm believer of God or not.

With full dedication and love with the passion, his work stood him up with a joyful success. Friends and family members supported him a lot, and especially his sister too had given the most valuable contribution towards writing a novel.

A well-known American author Bryant McGill words says, "Each Person You Meet Is  Lesson To Be Learned", absolutely this is the fact, from this story the lesson to be learned is, revenge should not be taken that will have physical injuries, but it should be like it will make image and raise the standard and say "yaar kamaal kaa banda niklaa tuu".

So friends, here's the respective sites for online purchasing of novel Survival- The Evidence OF True Destiny, an author named Mr. Gaurav Purohit. Do purchase it, it's having a new face of the script and do give your valuable feedbacks.

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