Sunday, May 24, 2015

Is God is Scientific?

I thought of writing this blog as I experienced, and I was just beset of this fact. Is God is scientific? As I experienced it so my replication will be Yes. Yes! I agree. Rather in my doctrine, human beings are not so scientific or they Don't think practical than God. It's true. If an accident occurs, the only point highlights is, you must not have placed a silhouette of God on your vehicle, you must have not prayed before leaving. We all phase such talks every now and then in our lifestyle. Everyone is a fond of thinking that, the God is the creator. God only created this era, human, nature, and all things that are necessary to live the life. Right from this earth to a small little micro animals. I won't point out this thinking, as I too agree and this haven't got any solution beyond this. 

I was suffering the high temperature of 102 degrees, my whole body felt weak. I don't even know what was happening in the outside world. Medicines won't aid me out to get out of this illness. Doctors suggested doing the tests as they were doubtful of malaria and dengue. But with the blessings, the test reports displayed normally. As because of the high power medicines, my tongue had the acne. Around 12-14 days, it was hard to eat I was surviving my hunger on a cup of soup. Just because of viral fever. No vomiting, no dizziness. After that when I was turned normal. Due to the illness, my bones felt weak, and I started concentrating on proteins, calcium, and Vitamins. After some span of a week. It was running autumn. The city was boiling at 48-degree celsius. I was in my bathroom. I was showering. The water was too hot, as I was clicking by the hot water.There was a bucket half filled with water. I get the whole bucket, as it was a normal water, and somewhat cold too. Immediately, I started sneezing at my fullest. And almost in a half an hour, I grab by the temperature. How did it happen? I again visited the doctor. Then the doctor told me about the miscellaneous temperature at a time. It will be fine soon.

So going through the above story, What you all come to know, might be you won't agree to my above question before reading this story, and now you might be agreed to my question. It really happens. I am not a scientist, or it might not I was running experimental, but it gave me lesson worthwhile. Even the human beings don't think scientifically than a god creates it. So that's why the problems have remained problems, and superstition is still wondering every now and then. 

Let us go a little deep or just retrace the things of our daily lifestyle. GOD  is the creator. God created nature. Nature comes under trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, animals, wild animals, mosquitoes, ants, birds, human beings, space, global, earth, and other planets. We all have need of this. Everyone has the need to live a life. This I ignore to tell that, human beings needs oxygen, tree needs carbon dioxide and all because we all are bored from hearing it from class fourth. But it has a huge creation and thinking beyond this.

I am not in the mood to describe it in details and stuck into the topic of who is God and what is science. The only point I have to place it all is, If the God is scientific, God has created it all acting it scientifically, then why not humans? If the humans will think of it scientifically and had their approach in a practical way, the world will surely start developing in a high speed, not only the world but human will be freed from the restrictions of superstitions and human will be freer to live life without any barriers, without any of the negative thinking and surely will get into the tower of dream waving the hands that Yes! I am now free of all this superstitious that I stuck from my past life. If we get our shoulders fill with the superstitions, our mind is filled up with fear and a nil confidence. 

If a guy is running his car high speed, if he won't use the seat belts at the driving seat, if he is doing drunk and drive with full volume of a music player, and busy with the mobile, and then at last the accident takes place, and he is dead on the spot. The old age people will first blame and point that, the silhouette of God was not there in his car. There are many accidents placed where the silhouette of the God was placed in the center of the car. Superstition is vast in the country. And it is running from past centuries. 
The only question you have to ask yourself is
 If the God is scientific, and if the God is practical.. then why can't we?